What to buy ?

"Photo was taken inside Langjokull Ice Cave"

The market looks more volatile in June and STI was down by almost -5% since the beginning of June, there may be some truth about " Sell in May and go away "...some might have started to deploy their war-chest to buy stocks listed in their "watch list " which have hit their so call "target price".

Ops! I am not going to talk about buying stocks in current market condition here today, which I also think that there might be some "value " started to appear but definitely not in "crisis mode" that offers "great bargain ". What I would like to write about today is " Buy Experiences! "

You may notice that I didn't blog much in June as we got to spend more time with kids since it's school holidays. We have our staycation at one of the hotel resort in JB and also some other activities in Singapore like "rock climbing ", "Bounce Singapore ", "movie time "etc...of course went back to my hometown in Malaysia to enjoy good food and durian. 😃

Also enjoy one of the best experience in our life, Mrs STE and I went for an 11 days/8 nights Wonderful Iceland Trip" from 14th to 24th June. Exploring country of " Ice and Fire ".. Discover volcanoes, geysers, hot spring, lava fields and of course the most beautiful waterfalls & scenic views around the island.   

We are really lazy to plan for our own free and easy trip, we just simply follow the "package tour" from one of the local tour agency as it covers north and the south island as compared to others which just cover south island only.

These are some of the highlights :

• Soaking in Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

• Thingvellir National Park
• Gullfoss
• Geysir
• Strokkur
• Seljalandsfoss
• Skogafoss
• Vik black sand beach
• Dyrholaey
• Amphibian Boat Tour with seal spotting at the glacier lagoon

• Glacial hike
• Whale watching tour

• Lake Myvatn
• Dimmuborgir
• Hverarondor Hverir
• Dettifoss
• Godafoss

• Ice caving tour on Monster Truck

Experiencing the "mid-night" sun where sun-set photos taken below was at around 00.30 am.

This will be the biggest ticket item we spent this year with a total amount of around  $16K, but it definitely worth spending as it will be the most wonderful/enchanting experience and cherished memories in our life.

My newly bought camera didn't fail me, here are some of the photos taken during our trip :D

Cheers !!


  1. Wow! That is beautiful. Definitely worth $16k

    1. Yah, Uncle CW888, really enjoy the nice weather and beautiful scenic views.. :)

  2. Wow, it's really beautiful. Shall add it in my bucket list

    1. Yes, guess Iceland is one of the most popular tourist destinations ! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks UN...😀😀🍻🍻

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Cory, indeed , is one the 'must visit' country in our list,,,wonderful scenery.👍👍😄😄

  5. sell in may does not resonate in me haha. Pple sell, I buy =P

    1. Hi MIM,
      Yes, price is what you pay and value is what you get, some companies may started to look attractive with huge price swing ,,,happy hunting,,🍻👍😀cheers!


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