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You are Not so SMART ! Why I still not happy with $10,453.02 profit I have made recently

As investor who has gone through many business and market cycles in the past 19 years of investing, Yes! I still made a  terrible mistake and succumbed to our own biases in trying to time the market. Although we still can feel some ripples effect from US Presidential Election from time to time but I think its impact on the stock market has mostly subsided, as we could see that Dow Jones Index rebounded strongly after that and keep trading at record high recently.

Dividend Update : 4th Qtr 2016

image credit to Finally, all the financial result for my holding been announced and I’m expecting to collect this dividend amount in 4 th Qtr 2016. Total dividend to be collected in 4 th Qtr will be $ 39,345.39 ***TTL Dividend excluded Return of Capital from Sim Lian ( due to privatization ) and Religare Health Trust ( on partial asset disposal ).

Beauty (Value) is in the eye of beholder : Is DBS really worth $16.06 ?

《每个人心中都有一把尺 》 We often look at things by setting our own standards and base on our own yardsticks and the same applies to the company’s valuation. Everyone may have their biases when comes to valuation and value is more than just a number. All Valuation is Biased !! According to Aswath Damodaran ( a Professor of Finance at NYU’s Stern School of Business ) in his book “ The Little Book of Valuation “ try to warn us that “all valuation is subjected to biased “. “ You almost never start valuing a company or stock with a blank slate. All too often, you view on a company or stock are formed before you start inputting the numbers into the model and metrics that you use and not surprisingly, your conclusions tend to reflect your biases. The bias in the process starts with the companies you choose to value. 

I read therefore I write

These two pieces of news from The Business Time (Weekend) on 5 Nov made me think and write this blog post eventually. P2P Investors in a fix as car firm director “disappears “ “ Crowdfunding investors are likely on the hook for roughly $600,000 in loads to parallel importer named TLC Cars that failed to deliver on sold vehicles – and the director is now uncontactable . “ write the paper. P2P (peer-to-peer ) investment platform and Crowdfunding seems to get popular in Singapore with many platforms being established recently, like “ Capital Match, MoolahSense, Funding Societies, New Union, etc “

Demographics Trends and Investing – A case of the “ Land of the Rising Sun “

From Tree to Kite  image credit to A report compiled with the Japanese government’s co-operation a few years ago warned that by 2060 the number of Japanese will have fallen from 127 m to about 87 m, of whom almost 40% will be 65 or older.   The 2012 government report said that without the policy change , by 2110 the number of Japanese could fall to 42.9 m, i.e just a third of its current population.

Predicting the US 2016 Presidential Election : Will Nate Silver Make it Again ?

The signal and the noise Who is Nate Silver? Nathaniel Read   " Nate "   Silver   (born January 13, 1978) is an American   statistician   and   writer   who analyzes   baseball   and elections. He is currently the editor-in-chief of   ESPN's   FiveThirtyEight   and a Special Correspondent for   ABC News.  Silver first gained public recognition for developing   PECOTA ,   a system for forecasting the performance and career development of   Major League Baseball   players, which he sold to and then managed for   Baseball Prospectus   from 2003 to 2009.
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