Investment Clock : What Time Is It ?

Pursuant to my previous blog post about market cycles and “4 Seasons Investing “, there is another way of explaining the market cycles i.e “ Investment Clock “.

The idea of an investment clock has been around for decades and it captures two very important things in investment :  

1) Business and Market move in cycle  2) No sector or asset class exist in isolation or can sustain without being affected by business cycles.

太极生两仪,两仪生四象 : The Tao Of Investing

两仪 编辑 两仪指天地或阴阳。一些武术家借用此词来引申到拳法中,如武术家孙禄堂就将动为阳、静为阴,合称动静为两仪。 关于“两仪”,综合历代易学家的理论,计有七说:一说为阴阳,一说为天地,一说为奇偶,一说为刚柔,一说为玄黄,一说为乾坤,一说为春秋。但通常是指阴阳。

四象 编辑 四象即为:太阳、太阴、少阴、少阳。 而其又名:少阳、老阳、少阴、老阴。 从数学角度论四象为:四、九、八、六。 从方位角度论四象为:东、南、西、北。

Feel Good About Your BULL Market Returns

It has been quite sometimes since my last update of the “Regression Chart “ for STI and world major indexes.
After seeing the chart with latest data , I realized that no wonder everyone seems happy on the ROI of their portfolio and bullish about the market recently as STI hit above 3200 level.

Here you go….

IPO : Tell Me A Story

This year should be a good year for SGX as we           have seen many  IPOs in first half of 2017 and       as for retail investors , many  should be excited          busy pressing button at ATM to apply for the              IPOs ,expecting to have some quick bucks if              successfully being  allocated with some share.

The latest one will be the hottest in the market of “NetLink Trust “ which expected to raise up to $2.6 Bil from the IPO ( detailhere).

Portfolio Construction : To Diversify or Not to Diversify ?

As investors, when we think about Risk-Reward analysis, the first thing pop up in our mind automatically will be the word “ diversification”.  
This is what been mentioned in Investopedia about the importance of Diversification:
"Diversification is a technique that reduces risk by allocating investments among various financial instruments, industries and other categories. It aims to maximize return by investing in different areas that would each react differently to the same event.

1-2-3 To Be A Successful Investor

If you are looking for investing ideas or methods of successful investment , guess you will often hear this in any investment seminars , talks or even encountered this many times in newspaper or blogs , i.e “Investing is simple, not easy” ,the famous quote from our legendary and super-investor Warren Buffet.
As human nature , we like to simplify things which is complicated such as investing into simpleDIY version of 1-2-3.
You may find many articles as below in financial news or portal which simplify the investment ideas or philosophy into point form for easy understanding.
** Please click the underline number if wish to read the full articles and all credit goes to authors of these articles.
2 Important Factors in Finding Winning Investments The 3most important things you need to consider when investing
4 things smart investors look for in annual reportsThe 5 Most Important Factors for Your Investment Success
Warren Buffett Says These Are the 6 Most Important Things You Should Do With You…

1st HF 2017 – Net Worth and Portfolio Review

Had seen many bloggers busy updating their portfolio recently right after the last day of June , allow me to come and join the party.
Thank GOD , there was no market crash in 1st HF of 2017 and in fact STI has outperformed many regional peers with returned of close to 13% YTD ( excluding Dividend Yield of around 3-3.5 % which is also one of the highest among Asian bourses ) .
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