OBike oh OBike : Where is the refund of my deposit ?

Saw this blog post from my friend ( SG BugetBabe ) this morning :
Has Obike taken your $49 deposit without informing you?

It remind me that I have actually requested the refund of my deposit from OBike few months back since I have switched to the other bike sharing apps which does not require any deposit.
I guess most of us will assume that the refund will be credited back to our CC in days or weeks times. Since it was just $49 and would opine that most people will just take things for granted that money shall be credited automatically to our CC , but in this case , I was wrong after checking all my previous CC statement.
I try to login to their Facebook( here) and found out that I am not the only one facing such delayed ...many have since left their message .....
I have since write in to OBike for further clarification and pending their reply... if you have requested the refund of your deposit from OBike , would suggest you please do check your CC statement if it has really been cred…

2nd Qtr 2018 ; Dividend and Portfolio Update

Market has been in a much more volatile situation in 2018 as compare to 2017 and the latest political & economic issues face by Italy is making the market looks more risky. Italy has been a problematic state among EU countries for many years. It ranks among the countries with the largest debt—around 2.3 trillion euros—and has been facing a double-digit unemployment rate since 2012.
Italy could be the next Greece — only much worsefrom
Growing tension in Korean Peninsula and potential trade war between US – China and US – Europe , no doubt has contributed to recent market volatility.

Too Greedy about Yield : Hyflux 6% CPS

Yes, this has been one of the hottest topic recently “ Hyflux applies for court supervision to re-organize liabilities, businesses ( here ). Thousands of investors will be affected by this sudden collapsed of Hyflux , yes , including Me. Nobody know how things will turn out eventually under this so called “ debt’s restructuring “ but I think for sure it is not good for ordinary or preference shareholders who’s typically rank lower in term of debt’s seniority as compared to secured bank loans. Hundreds of millions of bond and perps securities holders will also be affected.
In anticipating for the worst, I will need to write off  $114,675.44 from my books as I am holding 1270 units of their 6% CPS .
Total cost = $117,816.81 - $3141.37 ( interest received on 25th April)
Enough warning been given by analysts , bloggers on the problems of Hyflux in servicing their loans ( including bonds/ perps / CPS ) due to company’s inability to generate enough cash flow to pay for the interest. Therefo…

Renounceable vs Non-renounceable Rights Issue ( Edited )

< Edited : 17 May 2018>
Wow ! another Non-renounceable Preferential Offering from Manulife US REIT ( here)

"The Issue Price of US$0.865 per New Unit represents a discount of approximately 7.9% to the volume weighted average price of US$0.9391 per Unit for trades in the Units done on Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the “SGX-ST”) for the full Market Day on 15 May 2018."
I still prefer the previous rights of "UNDERWRITTEN AND RENOUNCEABLE RIGHTS ISSUE , a 21.6% discount " ...but it seems that the " Non-Renounceable Rights " will be the new trend now. ...

< First published : 14 May 2018 >

Recently, it seems that more and more companies are choosing to issue “Non-renounceable Rights” in equity raising activities instead of “Renounceable Rights “.
My friend “ B “from “ A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs) had just written a good blog post in explaining how to take advantage and possibility of making some “profit or lowering your …

Fear of Rising Interest Rates

Interest rates increase was really a hot topic in last two weeks since US 10 Years Treasury Note hits above 3%for first time since 2014. Market also react negatively with full of comments on interest risk due to this increase.
10-year Treasury yield hits 3% for first time since 2014from CNN
Why everyone is stressing about the 10-year Treasury yieldfrom CNN
“Auto loans, home mortgages, and other loans are tied to the benchmark 10-year yield. Investors fear that higher interest rates could start to eat into corporate profits and also signal that more inflation is coming.” This is why everyone is paying so much attention on the 10 years Treasury Note.
Some even talking about “ Inverted Yield Curve “ ….

My Realized Loss

“Soon after I bought the stock recommended by my broker, its value dropped by half so I decided to cut loss “, sounds familiar right. While investing in financial markets over the long-term is an excellent path to wealth, it’s not unusual to experience occasional losses as investment values goes up and down, depending on market cycles.
Every investors ever incur loss in our investment during the journey, the point is, do you keep track of your“realized gain/loss” on all your stocks’ transaction? Yes, I know , nobody like to mention or talk about their losses made in stocks as the “Prospect Theory“ suggested in one of the famous behaviors bias i.e “Loss Aversion”

STE Smart Beta : Not so Smart !

It has been quite sometimes I never update the performance of my “STE Smart Beta “ since last one in Aug 2017 (here ).   You may also want to know what is “ Smart Beta “ (here ) , for those who are not so familiar with this investment / financial " jargon".

Here is the latest update :
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