The 3 Most Important Charts On Investing

We know that market move in cycles and in upwards trend in the long run, for the past 200 years. If you stretch the investment time horizon to a much longer period, you will see that every crisis was just a "blip"  in time.

Every crisis, be it caused by war, oil crisis, financial (sub-prime) or even current crisis of COVID 19 will pass eventually. Some companies may collapse during the crisis (even a 100 years old company), therefore it is important to have a diversified portfolio with fundamentally strong companies.

The Importance Of Sleep (Well) !!

< Sleep Is Your SuperPower by Matt Walker > by TED Talks

J.P. Morgan once had a friend who was so worried about his' stock holdings that he could not sleep at night. The friend asked, ‘What should I do about my stocks?’ Morgan replied,‘Sell down to your sleeping point’Every investor must decide the trade-off he or she is willing to make between eating well and sleeping well. High investment rewards can only be achieved at the cost of substantial risk-taking. So what is your sleeping point? Finding the answer to this question is one of the most important investment steps you must take.

– Burton Malkiel

Worries, doubts, and anxieties are normal and part and partial of our life. It’s quite natural to worry about our unpaid bill, an upcoming job interview, or even where to go for our first date. Our worry increase during this COVID 19 pandemic, especially worrying about losing our job, money not enough, losing our investment in stocks. As a retiree, we worry about getting lesser di…

A Perfect “V” Shape Recovery?

Why is Wall Street soaring while Main Street is burning?<source :>
The terms “Wall Street” vs “Main Street” gets tossed around a lot in conversations about the financial industry recently and continue being headlines in major newspapers or financial portals.
Just months into the coronavirus crisis, many are already pointing to the striking contrast between what has happened to the real economy and financial markets a.k.a “Wall Street vs Main Street” conundrum. “Mr Market “ is irrational, as usual, while millions of peoples around the world had lost their jobs due to this COVID 19 pandemic and economy are expecting to shrink with weaker consumer demand and lowest PMI, yet stock market soar, to a level almost same as in pre-COVID market environment, a perfect “V” shape recovery.
The huge divergence and disconnection between these two “streets “ caught many of us by surprise.

2nd Quarter 2020 : Portfolio & Dividend Update

A Shrinking “Panadol”!

I think this is the predicament for all of us as “income or dividend“ investors, seeing our dividend received have a big "cut" or totally disappear like the case of “HSBC”.

We have noticed that most REITs start to be more prudent in their latest distribution and conserving more cash during this Covid-19 pandemic. So far, banks like DBS still trying to maintain their quarterly dividend but I guess at some point, they also would have to cut their dividend if this crisis prolongs.
As investors, we will also need to be more “realistic “ in our expectation, a 6-7% yield of stocks might become a thing of the past, especially if we look at the “ultra-low “ interest rate environment.
Look at the interest rate for the latest SSB ( Singapore Saving Bond ), for 10 years AAA bond is merely around 1%. Just guess how much you will get from the bank’s FD rate? Suddenly, I felt more than happy and contented with my money in CPF accounts which gave me an average of 3.…

Covid-19 Crisis : Everything Is Unprecedented

In the past few months, we have seen the significant impact on Covid-19 pandemic to our economy and life in general. The world economy suddenly stops due to lockdown, the stock market plunged into a bear market in fastest speed. We have many unprecedented things happened recently, oil future dropped to negative territory, US jobless claims hit 30 mils in just six-week after lockdown, the unlimitedstimulus plan (money printing) from world central bankers, world country’s PMI plunges to record low etc…

The "Untold Story" of My Decision to F.I.R.E at Age 45

What makes me want to stop working in the midst of high career path and promising career advancement? You don’t suddenly wake up and walked into your boss room, tender your resignation letter and saying that you want to R.E (retire early) although you have achieved F.I and unless you have other plan like setting up your own business or helping the family to run the business etc.
First of all, allow me to share a few good blog-posts onF.I and R.Eand some misconception of people about F.I.R.E before telling the "untold story" about my decision to R.E. As I mentioned before, to achieve F.I is a must and should be our ultimate goal, whereas to decide whether to have early retirement or not is very personal and depends on individual's wish and circumstances, R.E is just an option.

This Is The Fastest Bear !! 2020

We have experienced the fastest and furious " Bear" ever in market history. It only took less than 20 days for Dow Jones Index to reach the bear market ( i.e corrected more than 20% from the peak).

This is the situation we never experience even in GFC 2008/09. We have seen some of the REITs dropped in double digits % continuously in a few days and we can see that most of the REITs are having 50% sales now.

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