Should You Be Worried About Geopolitical Risk ?

European markets and Dow Futures seems celebratingon the news of today’s French Presidential Election result. FTSE , DAX and CAC 40 all up by 2-4% at the time writing and Dow Future also up by more than 200 points. 
Recently, investors seems given more concerns to geopolitical issues where it has dominated the market movebase on their preliminary or final results , since BREXIT referendum on June 2016 and follow by US Presidential Election on Nov 2016.

I Read therefore I Write : Next Financial Crisis May Cause by ETF

On 19th April , The Business Time published an article on issues related to ETF , “ Vanguard is growing faster than everybody else , combined !! “.
No doubt , ETF which is tracking indexes from all over the world is getting so popular because of lower cost as compare to active management.
“In the last three calendar years, investors sank USD$823 billion into Vanguard Funds , by any measure , these are staggering figures. Vanguard’s asset under management have skyrocketed to USD4.2 trillion from USD 1 trillion seven years ago. “ according to the company.

What I Learned From These Two Blog Posts

You might have noticed that the frequency of me updating my blog post has reduced recently. 
Yah .. I have been busy catching “Pokemon” and running around many parks which I never or have no time to explore before during full time working . 
 Places like “ MacRitchie Reservoir “ ,” Woodland Water Front Park” , “West Coats Park” , Fort Canning Park “ , Changi Village “ , “ Bishan-Ang Moh Kio Park “ and of course the usual “ Garden By the Bay and East Coast Park”..etc.

Believe me , money or even after achieving financial freedom have nothing to do with “ Happiness"

Happiness is not about how much money you have , it is "not a state of being or having but it is a state of mind and mentality" .

There is no guide, no rules, no manual that will teach you how to live a “happy” life and of course there are advice or books that can teach you how to approach certain situations to gain the best result. 
Happiness is not determined by what's happening around you, but rather what'…

The Importance of “Human Capital” in Financial Planning

For a company or organization, “Human Capital” is a measure of the skills, education, capacity and attributes of labor which influence their productive capacity and earning potential.
According to the OECD, human capital is defined as:
“the knowledge, skills, competencies and other attributes embodied in individuals or groups of individuals acquired during their life and used to produce goods, services or ideas in market circumstances”.
Human capital of the economy – The aggregate human capital of an economy, which will be determined by national educational standards

Special Situation (Event) Investing

What is a 'Special Situation' Investing ?
You may or may not heard about this before but below shall give you some clue or clearer definition :

Time to explain : From Wikipedia :
Special situationin finance is an event turning business to go not as usual and materially impacting a company's value. The notion coversrestructuringof a company and corporate transactions such asspin-offs,share repurchases,securityissuance/repurchase, asset sales, or other catalyst-oriented situations. A conflict of shareholders is also considered a special situation. To take advantage of special situations, a hedge fund manager must identify an upcoming event that will increase or decrease the value of the company's equity and equity-related instruments.

AGM ( Annual General Meeting ): "Food" For Thought!!

While looking at the piling up of “Annual Reports “ be it in the form of CD-R or book" , we know that company’s AGM is just around the corner. As stocks investors , you will have same experience as these annual report keep coming in to your mail box during this time.
Company are required by law to hold a general meeting of its shareholders each year (the Annual General Meeting - "AGM"). If an important matter requiring shareholder approval cannot wait until the next AGM, the company will call an Extraordinary General Meeting ("EGM").

Personal Finance is Really Personal (CPF / Insurance/ Housing /Saving /Investing etc)

Personal finance is an interesting subject which is really “ Personal“ as there are many factors affecting a person or family’s finances – how much to keep as saving vs investing , to buy term or life insurance , to take up HDB loan or from private banks , to buy HBD or Condominium and of course the hottest topic of CPF ( to transfer our OA to SA or do a voluntary cash top up into SA account) ?
Recently , my friends & famous financial bloggers ( Chris from Growing your tree of prosperity , Uncle CW8888, SGBudgetBabe ) gathered together to give a talks about “ CPF Optimization for Retirement (here)”
You may find some of their thoughts and ideas (here) : as you may see , there were different opinions and views about the issue even from the speakers and of course the attendants.
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