Volatile Market: A New Normal

World stock market continued it strings of volatile trading sessions recently when 10 Years Treasury Notes hitting 1.5%, a sign that FED is going to increase interest rate in near term due to higher “inflation expectation “post pandemic as economic is going to restore back to Pre-covid 19 level.  <Image credit>       For me, it seems that the yield curve is just returning to normal level / pattern with upward slope and higher rate for long term treasury notes as compared to exceptional “ Inverter Yield Curve “during the pandemic. The short-term rate (1-5 years) remain extremely low and accommodative as mentioned by FED. The 10 Years Treasury rate mainly use to determine the mortgage rate and I think is quite healthy if rate is a bit higher than short-term as to indicate the risk on long term mortgage loan, also to avoid more speculative move in housing market. I am not sure if this increase of 10 Years treasury note will benefit the banking sector in near

Stock Market Looks Like A Casino Now : Have Fun !!

  GameStop the Market: Big Bets on Stock Make Wall Street Look Like a ‘Casino’ <>     The biggest bets made over the past couple days haven’t been placed in a casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Instead, the action’s taken place on Wall Street, as a group of stock traders on Reddit have aimed at hedge fund traders, who have made high-stakes wagers that businesses like GameStop and AMC Entertainment would stumble . The Stock Market is a Fun Casino <>   The stock market works  as if  people were investing money in companies; some indirect mechanism ties the secondary trading of stock to the allocation of capital.  1   And of course in the limit companies  can  raise money by selling stock. So buying stock is  like  investing money in a company in exchange for partial ownership of its projects, and the amount you should pay for a stock is basically the discounted present value of the company’s cash flows from its business. The mech

"Jalan-Jalan" At Parks & Reservoirs- Photos Sharing

Walking regularly is one of the easiest ways to improve our mental health, as well as helping us to stay active during this lockdown period. I try to set a target of walking 10K steps/day and so far, this month I only missed 4 days which did not hit the target. Stay healthy and continue doing exercise during this pandemic is also a way to improve our health problems, such as increasing obesity, depression, infections, and cardiovascular diseases etc. This pandemic has also changed the way we do exercise as we are not allowed to do certain sports which required body contact in a large group like soccer. As such, I still prefer walking in a small group of people, slowly to enjoy the beautiful scenery around us. Although in Singapore we don’t have the Alps like snow-mountain or a huge national park in the USA, but we do have few reservoirs and smaller parks around us for us to walk around and relax, if you try to explore. Would like to share some photos taken at these “reservoir

Value vs Growth Investing : Latest Memo from Howard Marks

  What is Value Investing? Value investing is one of the key disciplines in the world of investing. It consists of quantifying what something is worth intrinsically, based primarily on its fundamental, cash flow-generating capabilities, and buying it if its price represents a meaningful discount from that value. Importantly, value investors recognize that the securities they buy are not just pieces of paper, but rather ownership stakes in (or, in the case of credit, claims on) actual businesses. Now, determining this value in practice is quite challenging, and the key to success lies not in the ability to perform a mathematical calculation, but rather in making superior judgments regarding the relevant inputs. Simply put, the DCF method is the main tool of all value investors in their effort to make investment decisions based on companies’ long-term fundamentals.   Value vs. Growth Over the last 80-90 years, two important developments occurred with regard to investing style

SPAC vs IPO : Blank Cheque or Blind Faith ?

SPAC ( Special Purpose Acquisition Companies )  are getting popular and a very hot topics recently with total deal from SPAC amounting to more than USD 25 Billions in 2020. The deal including below biggest SPAC from UWM ( around $16 bil ) and some others like  ... Opendoor , Virgin Galactic, Draft King , Nikola , Skillz , SoFi , TGI , View, The Lion, Clover, Furion, AVC , Betterware , Metromile, Charge Point ,  Ave Point ....and many more. Largest SPAC Deal in History to Take United Wholesale Mortgages Public   <> So what is  SPAC ( Special Purpose Acquisition Companies )  actually and how it different from traditional way of fund raising  through I.P.O or PE. The 2021 outlook for the booming SPAC market and traditional IPOs   <source:> ‘Blank-Check’ Companies Are Hot on Wall Street. Investors Can’t Ignore Them.   <source:> What is  SPAC ( Special Purpose Acquisition Companies )  <source:> A special purpose

世界首富換馬斯克 比特幣莊家都是海盗:泡沫頂端?

  泡沫頂端?世界首富換馬斯克 比特幣莊家都是海盗 20210108《楊世光在金錢爆      < source & Video credit to : > 《楊世光在金錢爆》 Bitcoin rally may be the 'mother of all bubbles' says BofA < source:> Bitcoin may still surge and keep hitting another all time high ... till $200k   , nobody knows as market is flooded with massive liquidity and irrational , as always .  Those invested in Bitcoin will just need to be wary that don't be left without a chair when the "music stops" . Cheers ! Disclaimer The information contained within this blog is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for obtaining professional financial advice as the writer is not a certified financial adviser. You are responsible for your personal finances and should not rely on this site or anyone else to make the final decision for you and please do your own due diligent in using information from this blog.
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