How Many “Lemons” Do You Have In Your Portfolio ?

The Market for Lemons
From Wikipedia,
Akerlof's paper uses the market for used cars as an example of the problem of quality uncertainty. It concludes that owners of high-quality used cars will not place their cars on the used car market. A car buyer should only be able to buy low-quality used cars, and will pay accordingly. The market for good used cars does not exist. "The Market for Lemons: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism" is a well-known[1] 1970 paper by economist George Akerlof which examines how the quality of goods traded in a market can degrade in the presence of information asymmetrybetween buyers and sellers, leaving only "lemons" behind. In American slang, a lemon is a car that is found to be defective only after it has been bought.

Building Your Own ATM Machine !

Sometimes my friends or even relative just wonder how I could survive without working or having “active income” for the past 4 years. I told them that I have my own “ATM Machine “that will generate a consistent cash flow , quarter by quarter , or course sometime I can withdraw more money from this ATM and sometimes less. It has consistently giving me the cash without fail even during GFC ( Global Financial Crisis), it just a matter of given out more or less.
Yes, it is dividend pay- out from my shareholding which I’m depending on since 2016 to pay for my monthly expenses and holidays. Of course I’m not saying is easy to build this ATM Machine, it take long time ( very long ,almost 20 years for me ) with hard work and saving , investing and reinvesting on the dividend received…taking advantage of the power of compounding effect“ as well as spend within your mean ( try to avoid “Lifestyle Inflation“ ).

Saving on Transaction Cost : 1st Qtr 2019 vs 1st Qtr 2018

I have done less transaction in 1st Qtr 2019 vs 1st Qtr 2018 although market has gone up much from the low recorded in end of last year  In line other with world stocks market , STI also performed well in 1st Qtr ,up by +8.02% to 3315 as of writing and my portfolio managed to outperformed market by few % points with ROI of +12% YTD, mainly due to better performance from REITs.

Five Best-Performing S-REITs Average 20% Total Return in YTD<from>

OMG !! The Yield Curve Just Inverted ! Sell or Not Sell ?

This is probably one of the hottest topics where you can see and read from all over the business news headlines in last two weeks.
What is “ Inverted Yield Curve “ and why is it so important that draw so much attention from financial strategist / economist/ investors / fund managers all over the world. Discussing, pondering and arguing about the impact and direction of economy due to this so called “ Inverted Yield Curve” , relentlessly.

Share Buy-Back By REITs : Does It Make Sense ?

If you may notice , I think K-Reit is the only REIT that is actively buying back its own share among all REITs listed on SGX.

I fully understand the benefit of “share buy-back “ as it has been carried out by many companies who see the value of their share when the price might be temporary plummeted due to market condition or caused by certain bad news.

What is a Share Repurchase/ Buy-Back( From

1st Qtr 2019 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

Time flies , 1st quarter 2019 just passed in the blink of an eye , I am sure most of us have good return on your investment as STI has achieved +4.9% returns YTD.
My portfolio managed to outperform STI with returns of 9.7% YTD , thanks to most of the REITs and some other counters like Global Investment and Comfort DelGro.

Keep Calm and Collect Photos (Dividends)

STE  and Mrs like to take photos during our morning/evening walk , of course other than catching Pokemon ..hahaha  :D
Photography allows you to create images of events, times, and places, it also record what happened and allow you to share them with friends and family, either in digital format or more permanently with prints or photo books. By being able to capture a special moment in time, you carry the memory of that event forward with you, allowing you to share it and remember it with those that were there.
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