Beauty ( Value ) Is In The Eye Of The Beholder – Part 2

Stocks Valuation: Art or Science?This is an “old age “ question that pondered all of us as an investor and question we hear from time to time. For me, I think stocks valuation is both a science and an art. We often hear that analysts are trying to find the so-called ”intrinsic value” of a stock or business and different model or methods of analysis would give a different result of valuations, sometimes the variance could be huge.

Beauty (Value) Is In The Eye of The Beholder: Part 1Valuation is a science because there are “scientific element” involved in methods of valuation e.g using DCF (Discounted Cash Flow ), SOTP ( Sum-of the parts  ), Asset-Based Model (Relative Valuation ),  Financial Ratio analysis (PB/PE/Div Yield etc ). Valuation is an art because it involved “judgement “ about the prospect or future of any company. It is always as subjective as art when it comes to “ estimating” or forecasting future growth or a company or any other variable ( uncertainty ) that would affect …

3rd Qtr 2020 : Portfolio and Dividend Update

Time flies, we have seen a very volatile market while entering 4th Qtr of 2020, where the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite dropped nearly 6.2% (from the highest point of 12,074 achieved on 2nd Sep 2020 ) its biggest percentage declined since June 11. But I think this pullback is quite normal with a market which already increased by almost +82% since low in March 202, as it reflects the “ reverting to mean“ to some extent.

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Technology stocks have been among the leaders in the broad market rebound since March and it looks like the sky is the limit with such magnitude of increased in the past few months. We have seen the “decoupling “ of Wall-Street vs Main-Steet“since the pumping of trillions of easy money into the stocks and bond markets ( as well as commodities market like gold and silver, or even crypto). Overall, stocks have soared since March despite the worst economic slumps and highest “unemployment” figures reported by most of the countries. Within the…

A "Waiting" Game

Time flies, it has been almost 9 months since we registered the first case of Covid-19 in Singapore on 23 Jan 2020, the start of a chain of events that would lead to unprecedented closures and restrictions of movement. World economy suddenly halts and stop which have also lead to “havoc and chaotic” economy and affecting our life.The world economy plunged into recession, millions of job losses all over the world and thousands of companies been affected and some would have to file for bankruptcy, for those badly affected by the pandemic like “aviation, hospitality “ and to some extent retail industry.The World after Covid-19 is unlikely to return to the world that it was before. Many trends already underway in the global economy and changing our life. This is especially true in the accelerating of the digital economy, things like “ distance learning “, work from home (remote working), telemedicine, food deliveries services will become the new “ digital behaviour “ which transform our l…
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