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2023 Portfolio & Dividend Update

  A Rollercoaster Ride I know, Uncle was really late to have this 2023 performance review as we are already in February 2024 😊 . Pai-seh, I was busy with a family trip to Korea followed by a Cruise Trip onboard RCL. Also, during the school holidays, we went a few times short trips to Malaysia and back to my hometown. My younger daughter got her O Level result followed by searching and applying for JC. That’s why I have been delaying this update and dragging my feet to write this blog post. I think most of us had the same feeling that 2023 was a challenging yet dynamic period for investors, marked by a series of unpredictable events that significantly affected our returns. I have seen my portfolio up by more than 10% in the early part of the year and it dropped by more than -8 % at one time and recovered slightly better at the end of the year with +2.3% (including dividend). As an investor, navigating through such a volatile market requires adaptability, patience, resilience, and
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