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Beauty ( Value ) Is In The Eye Of Beholder

  As a value investor, we focus on investing in stocks or any other assets that we believe are undervalued relative to their intrinsic or fundamental value. This approach to investing is often associated with the principles of gurus like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett . We often use fundamental analysis with a margin of safety, looking at ratios or figures like PE, PB, EPS Growth, Cash flow, etc . We emphasize investing in the long term, avoiding speculation, and having a diversified portfolio. We also understand that value investing requires patience and discipline. Investors may need to wait for the market to recognize the true value of their investments, which can take time, and recognize the ultimate force of “ reversion to mean”. It's important to note that value investing is a well-established investment strategy, but it is not without risks. It can take time for undervalued assets to appreciate and realize their value, and there is always the possibility that the mark
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