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2nd Qtr 2017 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

image credit to The last company in my holding “ Accordia Golf Trust “ announced the result and dividend on 25 th May w hile I was still busy catching  “Pokemon  “ . Is time to calculate and tabulate my dividend & interest income to be received in coming months for 2nd Qtr 2017 . Total Dividend & Interest Income for 2 nd Qtr 2017 = $62,964.11 ** Total amount receive still about $972 lower than last year (same period ) due to lower dividend from Accordia Golf Trust which reduced by - $1940.4  ( DPU 4.31 cts in 2 nd Qtr 2016 vs 3.59 cts in 2017 ). *** Most of the REITs and Blue Chips also declaring lower dividends in view of challenging business environment, especially the Oil & Gas sectors and Telco. **** Increasing my holding in corporate bond from the cash received, resulting in an increase of interest income from $465 in 2 nd Qtr 2016 to $5102.67 in 2 nd Qtr 2017.

STE Smart Beta Update and Photos Sharing

image credit to It has been quite sometimes since my last update of STE Smart Beta Index which was created on 28 Aug 2016 ( here ) and Yah !! Just for Fun  J STE SM Index beat the STI Index by just 2 % points and if take into consideration of dividend yield where it has been set higher than STI by around 1.5%, a total return could be around 3.5 %.  I will need to do the portfolio rebalancing in Aug 2017 after 1 year of inception and I think since the market has been very bullish recently, it has become very difficult to find counters which have PE <10 or Div Yield >5% among STI's components . Base on my observation, the total counter should drop to eight only as per current stocks price and market valuation.

A Tale of Diversification ( Part 2 )

In my previous blog post, I have shared my experience of diversification into Telcos and O&G industries which is still sitting on paper loss of more than - $12 K ( here ) . In today’s part 2, I am going to further elaborate my story of diversification into banking secto r since 2016. Some may still vividly remember that banking stocks have been beaten-down in end 2015 and early 2016 due to the market’s projection on slow-down in China’s economy as well as other emerging market ( BRICs ).

A Tale of Diversification ( Part 1 )

As you may notice from my portfolio ( here ) which is very much skewed toward high yield counters like REITs and Business Trust. I would recognize and think that this is not good  in the long run as asset concentration in just one or two sectors in my portfolio, as such, I try to diversify and accumulate some non-REIT or Business Trust counters when the situation allows. I have picked up some stocks like Telcos, Banks and Conglomerate since 2014 and of course every industry has its cycle and challenges, some of my investment turned out be in lost and some in profit. Always remembers that in any investment,” sometimes we win, sometimes we lose “, and business profitability is really unpredictable as the market move in cycles.
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