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Venturing Into HKG / CHN Market - My Experience

My experience with HKG/CHN market just started a few months back and I am considered as “newbie” as far as investing in HKEX is concerned. As we know, the HKG market is much bigger than Singapore as HKEX is the 3 rd  largest stock market in Asia in terms of market capitalisation. HKEX has more than 2000+ stocks listed there as compared to SGX which have around 700+ stocks. With so many stocks listed in HKEX, I am sure one will be able to select more fundamentally strong stocks from the pool, especially if you are an income investor looking for dividend stocks with a clean balance sheet. Of course, Hong Kong was in the limelight recently for a wrong reason not because of it being the freest economy and world-leading financial centres, with low taxation, free-port trade and free capital in & outflow. As a financial blogger, I shall not touch on political issues that causing the current social turmoil and riots which has been the headlines for world internatio

4th Qtr 2019 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

image credit to   It has been almost haft month since my last blog post on 2 nd November, I am really lazy to write anything recently while spending more time with family since early Oct after my daughter finished her PSLE. We have a short trip to Penang / Melaka / JB and also spending a few days back to my hometown and we really look forward to our next trip to Hokkaido in early December. I hope to take some nice photos to share here. :D   Portfolio wise, I am really happy with my YTD returns of 17.6% (inclusive of dividend) vs STI 5.51% ( exclude dividend). If we add 3.5% of dividend for STI, my portfolio still outperformed STI by +8.6%. I am delighted with my performance as not many times one could be able to beat STI Index with such high margin.

What Would Negative Interest Rate Mean For Investors : A Memo From Howard Marks

Howard Marks, founder and co-chairman of $122 asset manager Oaktree Capital Management and author of many best selling books ( including the recent one “ Mastering The Market Cycle ”) had just published his latest memo. Latest memo from Howard Marks: Mysterious   <link> “And that brings us to the subject of negative interest rates.  I find them no less mysterious.   The fact that we know what they are  – as we do with inflation and deflation –  doesn’t alter the fact that we don’t know for sure why negative rates are prevalent today, how long they’ll continue in force, what might cause them to turn positive, what their consequences are, or whether they’ll reach the U.S.” In this latest memo titled “Mysterious ” , he starts with a discussion of many possible causes of inflation and the implication of negative rate to our investment and financial institutions, he finds negative interest rates just as baffling and “mysterious”.
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