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My Realized Loss

“Soon after I bought the stock recommended by my broker, its value dropped by half so I decided to cut loss “, sounds familiar right.   While investing in financial markets over the long-term is an excellent path to wealth, it’s not unusual to experience occasional losses as investment values go up and down, depending on market cycles . Every investors ever incur a loss in our investment during the journey, the point is, d o you keep track of your “realized gain/loss” on all your stocks’ transaction? Yes, I know, nobody like to mention or talk about their losses made in stocks as the “ Prospect Theory “ suggested in one of the famous behaviours bias i.e   “Loss Aversion”

STE Smart Beta : Not so Smart !

image credit to It has been quite sometimes I never update the performance of my “STE Smart Beta “ since the last one in Aug 2017 ( here ) .    You may also want to know what is “ Smart Beta “ ( here ), for those who are not so familiar with this investment / financial " jargon". Here is the latest update :

Buy Low, Sell High ! How ?

image credit to I hope stock market will crash tomorrow !! Hey! wait a minute ( ちょっと待って) , don’t throw rotten eggs or curse at me !! J Here is my story …. Every stock market investor knows the old adage: Buy low, sell high . We often hear this in investment courses or seminars we had attended, even in the financial blogosphere. We talked about “ Price is what you pay, value is what you get “, we wanted to buy cheap at best “bargain “ and high M.O.S ( margin of safety ).
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