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2nd Qtr 2019 : Dividend & Portfolio Update

image credit to Finally, is my turn to update the total dividend and interest income that I will be getting in 2 nd Qtr 2019 , after my last company i.e Accordia Golf Trust announcing its result yesterday. I’m really excited because second quarter is normally the highest dividend amount I will get as most of the blue chips are given out their dividend in this quarter. Total Dividend & Interest Income 2 nd Qtr 2019 = $59,007 vs 2 nd Qtr 2018 ($60,325) , decrease by -$1318.

Return On Investment vs Return On Luck

image credit to When buying TOTO, everyone thinks ( or at least hopes ) that they will be the “lucky” one to become the next “millionaire” and we all knew that winning 4D or TOTO is just pure luck, but how about investing? My friend ( Chirs ) from (Growing Your Tree of Prosperity ) have blogged about it here which caught my attention to write about my case and “luck factors “ which have much impact on my of investing.   ( What is your Return on Luck (ROL) ? ) <link>

How Many “Lemons” Do You Have In Your Portfolio ?

image credit to The Market for Lemons From Wikipedia , Akerlof's paper uses the  market  for  used cars  as an example of the problem of quality uncertainty. It concludes that owners of high-quality used cars will not place their cars on the used car market. A car buyer should only be able to buy low-quality used cars and will pay accordingly. The market for good used cars does not exist. " The Market for Lemons: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism " is a well-known [1]  1970 paper by economist  George Akerlof  which examines how the quality of goods traded in a market can degrade in the presence of  information asymmetry   between buyers and sellers, leaving only "lemons" behind. In American slang, a  lemon  is a car that is found to be defective only after it has been bought.
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