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Bitcoin ( Crypto) Is Not Tulip

Different Attitude Towards The World Of Crypto: China vs the US   It is quite obvious that China ( or even India and some other countries ) has a different approach towards Crypto vs the US. These countries are imposing a ban or restricting crypto trading and mining while the US is just trying to regulate Crypto. Why? " 水很深 "   Just look at the trading volume and value of Crypto daily and remember most of the trading were done in the US market and transacted in USD. At the highest point, total market capitalization for Crypto was more than $ 2 Trillion in Apr 2021 and represent about 17%   of the global total Gold value. Again, if you look at the below chart, the highest daily trading value for crypto could reach as high as $3.18 Billion , even at this moment, the daily trading value is more than $450 mil. Just imagine how the US major financial institution like GS / JP Morgan trying to promote the crypto through ETF/structural products / derivatives/option

2nd Qtr 2021 : Portfolio & Dividend Update

If you are an avid follower of stock market news, other than Crypto, I think the hottest news about investing nowadays is the " meme stocks " which can make you very rich overnight where the stocks price may increase 100-200% in a day. Just imagine, a "popcorn" promotion can drive the price of a company by more than 20%, yes, that's a true story and not imagination, I guess you know which company I am talking about. Below quoted from an analyst from Bloomberg : "Yeah. I have no notes, that’s perfect. “If you buy AMC stock it comes with popcorn” is the greatest capital-markets innovation of the century so far. I used to work in investment banking, building equity derivatives and equity-linked securities to help companies raise money and optimize their capital structures, and in hindsight we were idiots. “What if we used the  contingent payment debt instrument regulations  to increase the tax-deductibility of non-cash interest paid on a 30-year-non-call-5 c
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