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Do We Need to Spend Few Thousand $$$ on Investment Courses ?

One of the reader email me and asking about the idea of attending an investment course which cost him few thousand dollars. I am quite reluctant to give advice in this regards as I never attended any investment course before and not sure about the useful and effectiveness of such courses.
For me , investing is a long learning journey and one need to read extensively and learn from your own mistake not just sitting in the class room for few hours or days ,listening to some “experts “  advise or slides presentation on how to be a successful investor.

The Power of Dividend

In stocks investing , you probably heard about the “ growth stocks “ , “dividend stocks “ , “large cap / mid –cap “ or “ blue chips “ etc .. and depending on your “desired and expectation” of the ROI of your investment , you may choose what kind of stocks to be included in your portfolio.
For most of the investors , I am sure you would have included some “income stocks“ into you portfolio as part of the diversification and also hopefully dividends can keep the value of your investment rising even when market performance sours.
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