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Moving Into "Uncharted Water" : Learn To Live With Covid-19 Virus

 "Close -Open, Open -Close ", yes, this is what we are facing now with the new measure of moving back to P2HA ( Phase 2 Heightened Alert) since 22 July. I know everyone seems "frustrate " and a bit "tiring" of such "on-off" tightening and social distancing measures, including me. STE and Mrs will be not able to go to the park for our morning walk and sit down at a coffee shop to enjoy our breakfast, as usual, we could only walk at our neighbourhood park and "ta-pao" the breakfast back home.  But, hey! we are facing a totally new virus that is very "virulent " and an unprecedented pandemic. We are still searching for the "best way or path" to learn how to live with this " naughty and deadly " virus. Is like searching for the best "investment strategy", we learn by "trial and error ", we fall into some "pitfall" while learning and learn from the mistakes. We are also chasing with
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