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The "Untold Story" of My Decision to F.I.R.E at Age 45

What makes me want to stop working in the midst of high career path and promising career advancement? You don’t suddenly wake up and walked into your boss room , tender your resignation letter and saying that you want to R.E (retire early) although you have achieved F.I and unless you have other plan like setting up your own business or helping the family to run the business etc.     First of all, allow me to share a few good blog-posts on   F.I and R.E   and some misconception of people about F.I.R.E before telling the " untold story " about my decision to R.E . As I mentioned before, to achieve F.I is a must and should be our ultimate goal, whereas to decide whether to have early retirement or not is very personal and depends on individual's wish and circumstances, R.E is just an option.
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