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What happen to Genco while SP Power is making close to 1 Billion per year ?

image credit to Disclaimer : I am a Hyflux N2H ( 6% CPS ) holder, my view may carry some biases towards the company I have vested. As I said in my previous blog post, we shouldn't blame anyone for losses incurred in our investment except ourselves. Electricity tariffs to rise by 6.9% for July-September period ( from - 29 th June 2018) This is what caught my attention and I think this will further contribute to a better bottom line of SP power ….. Yes, SP Power is making close to $900 mil per year   ( Base Annual Report from SP Power –  here ) and all the Genco is bleeding and in red of more than -$357 Mil in 2016 ( I’m sure it will be much more than this figure in 2017 and some estimated it could be close to $1 Bil ) image credit tp SP While : “Singapore's power generation sector has a total capacity of 13,350 megawatts (MW). Peak demand, however, averaged only 7,000 MW in the year to Mar

What to buy ?

"Photo was taken inside Langjokull Ice Cave" The market looks more volatile in June and STI was down by almost -5% since the beginning of June, there may be some truth about " Sell in May and go away "...some might have started to deploy their war-chest to buy stocks listed in their " watch list " which have hit their so call " target price". Ops! I am not going to talk about buying stocks in current market condition here today, which I also think that there might be some "value " started to appear but definitely not in "crisis mode" that offers "great bargain ". What I would like to write about today is " Buy Experiences! " You may notice that I didn't blog much in June as we got to spend more time with kids since it's school holidays. We have our staycation at one of the hotel resort in JB and also some other activities in Singapore like "rock climbing ", "Bounce Sin

OBike oh OBike : Where is the refund of my deposit ?

image credit to Saw this blog post from my friend ( SG BugetBabe ) this morning : Has Obike taken your $49 deposit without informing you? It reminds me that I have actually requested the refund of my deposit from oBike  a few months back since I have switched to the other bike-sharing apps which does not require any deposit. I guess most of us will assume that the refund will be credited back to our CC in days or weeks times. Since it was just $49 and would opine that most people will just take things for granted that money shall be credited automatically to our CC, but in this case, I was wrong after checking all my previous CC statement. I try to login to their Facebook ( here ) and found out that I am not the only one facing such delayed ...many have since left their message ..... I have since written into OBike for further clarification and pending their reply... if you have requested the refund of your deposit from OBike , would sugge

2nd Qtr 2018 ; Dividend and Portfolio Update

Market has been in a much more volatile situation in 2018 as compare to 2017 and the latest political & economic issues face by Italy is making the market looks riskier. Italy has been a problematic state among EU countries for many years. It ranks among the countries with the largest debt—around 2.3 trillion euros—and has been facing a double-digit unemployment rate since 2012. Italy could be the next Greece — only much worse from Growing tension in the Korean Peninsula and the potential trade war between US-China and US – Europe, no doubt has contributed to recent market volatility.
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