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A Quick Update and Photos Sharing

  Market sentiment continues to improve with good news from vaccine approval by US FDA and hope of more stimulus package. STI has rebounded strongly from 2400+ in early Nov to above 2800+ now, moving close to -0.5 SD level. I don’t have any buy or sell since the last update but some positions change due to price movement, e.g Public Bank move up by 7 positions due to price appreciation by almost +17% after it announced bonus issue of 4 for 1. Although this is quite irrational as from financial and fundamental’s perspective, everything remains the same, it just that the price may become cheaper after you are getting more shares and it may also improve company trading liquidity since more shares will be available. But investors seem got excited with such news, ummmm maybe DBS / UOB should follow suit to have bonus issue and we may suddenly see price increase by 10+% with just a “magic announcement “ !! :D   What is Bonus Issue With Real Stock Examples < source: Drwealth

4th Qtr 2020: Dividend and Portfolio Update

  Time flies and we are in the last month of the year 2020 and I think most of us (investors) are busy calculating how much passive income or dividend we will be receiving in 2020. As we are still surrounded and suffered from Covid-19 pandemic and just have little hope on the vaccine’s development recently, market sentiment has improved slightly. This year is not a good year for so-called “ value investors “as most of the companies had either reduced or suspend their dividend pay-out due to economic recession caused by Covid-19. I guess most of us are suffering from getting lower dividend income but you will be happy if you are a “ growth investors ” with full of tech stocks in your portfolio as some of these tech stocks have gone up much by few hundreds % e.g   (Zoom Video+692%),( +149%), (Fastly +400%), and also EV manufacturers ( Tesla +615%), (NIO +1467%), (Xpeng +640%) etc.   As a value investor, my portfolio still in RED and underwater, guess the only thing I

Keep Calm & Keep Walking (Waiting ) ….. ( Photos Sharing )

The stock market remains volatile and STI moving up and down with range-bound between 2450-2550. With US Presidential Election and the pending stimulus package from the US government & congress, the market just moving up and down by following this news day by day, for me, it is just like watching “Korean Drama” with popcorn ready. Regardless of who is being elected as next US President, the market will still need to be backed to basic in line with economic performance and recovery from this pandemic. I am sure there will be a “ stimulus package” ready to support this “fragile and zombie” US economy eventually, to keep it “afloat” while waiting for “vaccine” and life to go back to normal. <Image credit :>   Here’s How The Stock Market Has Performed Before, During, And After Presidential Elections <>       Stock-market volatility can surge by 20% in the 2 weeks prior to Election Day—but don’t act rash <>
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