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"Jalan-Jalan" At Parks & Reservoirs- Photos Sharing -2

Getting up early and heading out for a morning walk became our daily routine even during the lockdown period. Most studies show that a 20-30 minutes or more walk is good for our mental health, especially during these "partial lockdown" periods where people are getting stressed with less travelling and social activities. Human beings are a "social species" that interact/communicate and live close to each other, imagine being " restricted "  from interacting and reducing social activities for the past 1  1/2 years, the mental stress and emotional effect is enormous and may cause "depression" easily.  "Jalan-Jalan" At Parks & Reservoirs- Photos Sharing The sudden change in the way we do our work like "work from home " also create some problems and psychological effect/impact when we suddenly have more time at home and have to juggle between kids and works at the same time ( for those who have children). A simple and effective
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