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Photos Taking vs Investing ( STE Photos sharing )

I like to take photos though I am not a professional photographer but what to do with Photos taking and investing? Is there any similarity between these two? Patient!   Yes, both required patience to have a good or better result. To snap a good photo, one needs to be patient. 

About me .. STE

Hi Everyone !  is me STE , I would like to start a blog to pen down and document my thoughts on stocks investing and also “talking to myself “ on some issues relating to investing ideas/world. I will try not to mention any particular stock in my blog post as it is very hard to do any “prediction or forecast “ of future or stock's movement and also this may attract unnecessary dispute/incident if anything goes wrong .. I will be using more graphic / chart/table/quotes to explain my thought and ideas as “ pictures worth more than a thousand words “,, the most important things is …I don’t really good in explaining things in words.. haha.

Buying your first stock...

If you are investing in any stocks market, you will have experienced on the stock you first purchased in your investing life. For me, it was a counter called “ Magnum Bhd “, a company who operate and manage 4-digit numbers forecast betting in Malaysia. ( yeee.. a sin stock !) . Yap, indeed, it is a “sin “ stock with quite a decent dividend. There was a story on why am I investing in such counter as a start in my investing life. As you may notice from my post on “ About me “, I came from a big family with 7 siblings and my father was a construction worker. We are poor and most of my siblings don’t even have a chance to complete their primary school ( I am just the lucky one who has the chance to complete my tertiary education ). My father like to buy 4-D and he has won quite a big sum in the early days ( around RM10K ) in 35 years ago.  It would have considered a huge sum of money at that time, but since then ..he lost all the money he won plus much more in su
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