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My Report Card : 2017

                          Time flies, we are counting the last two days of 2017 to welcome 2018 and again is time to take stock of the year gone by and make plans for the coming year. We try to justify (or made excuses ) of what we didn’t achieve in 2017 and set the new resolutions for 2018. 2017 should be a good year for most of the investors as STI gained 18% ( exclude dividend ) and closed at 3402.92 . A rising tide lifts all boats, if you have counters like banks, property or electronic manufacturing, your performance should be better than STI as these are the counters rebounded strongly in 2017.

Monetary Authority of S’pore issues bitcoin warning

After warning issued from China, India, Malaysia, Thailand Central bankers, many monetary regulatory seems to follow suit and came forward to warn the RISK of investing in it may turn out to become a " systematic risk " which really can create " chaos and havoc " to the financial market/system if it continues to grow at " exponential " rate before it collapses. This could be seen from the total market cap for Bit-coin which is around USD290 BIL ( at the supply of close to 16 mils ) , can you imagine if the total supply achieves the full amount of 21 MIL, and if the price hit USD50,000 , what will be the total market cap of Bit-coin?

The Book I'm Reading Now

I took out this book from my bookshelf recently and re-read it again, with much curiosity, I wanted to find out if I could learn something from the past financial crisis and if there is any similarity of past crisis vs recent crazy the price movement of Bitcoin.    I read with great interest especially in Chapter 4 ( Fueling the Flames: Monetary Expansion ) . Quote “ Speculative manias gather speed through the expansion of money and credit or perhaps, in some cases, get started because of the initial expansion of money or credit. One can look back at particular manias followed by crash or panic and see what went wrong .“ Unquote

What’s Next After Achieving Financial Freedom?

These 2 blog post from my friend about life after achieving FF prompted me to “ kaypoh” and write something about my life after FI since 3 years ago… this is the question where many “ F.I.R.E to be” should ponder along the journey of achieving FI. Financial independence is not about being rich but is the experience of having enough….and the most important question people often overlook is “ What's Next when you have achieved Financial Independence?”.

How To Spend Your Year End Bonus ?

< This article first appeared in “Seedly” on 13 th   Dec 2017, one of the leading social networks for investors who believe that anyone can achieve financial freedom with the right tools and the right mindset.  ( here ) >   Time flies and we are at the end of 3 rd Qtr 2017 with Thanks Giving just around the corner and follow by Christmas celebration. I guess most of the investors including me are happy with their investment returns in 2017 as STI is up by 15.2% YTD and if you are the lucky one who has invested in Banking, Electronic/ Chips Manufacturing stocks and few selected property counters , your returns should be much higher than STI. " Gong Xi-Gong Xi " Well, most of the employee will also be receiving their Year-End Bonus in Dec or early Jan ( if you are not in the industries which is still struggling with “ downsizing or right-sizing “ as below survey quoted. You may at least get something ….
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