OBike oh OBike : Where is the refund of my deposit ?

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Saw this blog post from my friend ( SG BugetBabe ) this morning :

Has Obike taken your $49 deposit without informing you?

It reminds me that I have actually requested the refund of my deposit from oBike a few months back since I have switched to the other bike-sharing apps which does not require any deposit.

I guess most of us will assume that the refund will be credited back to our CC in days or weeks times. Since it was just $49 and would opine that most people will just take things for granted that money shall be credited automatically to our CC, but in this case, I was wrong after checking all my previous CC statement.

I try to login to their Facebook ( here ) and found out that I am not the only one facing such delayed ...many have since left their message .....

I have since written into OBike for further clarification and pending their reply... if you have requested the refund of your deposit from OBike , would suggest you please do check your CC statement if it has really been credited.

$49 can buy me a few simple meals ...   😊



  1. All businesses are the same, quick to take your deposits, slow to or your case never refund.

  2. I faced same issue. Kept delaying. I warned them I will make police report and they said need 2 weeks for manual refund. Then still refused to refund. I made police report online. Then they refunded me. My wife just put in for refund. I warned them I will be monitoring. If needed I will make another police report. Their terms also changed from 14 days to 30 days refund. I urged all to make police report online. There must be enough reports to get the police to take actions.


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