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4th Quarter 2018 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

image credit to Yeah !! Is time to update my dividend & interest income to be collected in 4th Qtr 2018. This will be a short and quick update as I am heading to JB for 2 nights staycation on 20th & 21st Oct and follow by another on 25th & 26th Oct to Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson . From now till January 2019 it will be a quick pack for me as school holidays just started and will have more fun and spend more time on outdoor activitie s with my kids, as usual like rock climbing and ice-skating or even planning to climb " Bukit Timah Hill Summit   " ,,, yah Singapore's " Mount Everest ".

Hold Your "F.I.R.E" , Your Dividend Has Just Been Cut By 81.5% !!

Yes, not by -8 % or -38% but -81.5% !! This is what happened when APPT (Asian Pay TV Trust) announced their result and dividend payout for next quarter this morning. I think most of the so-called " income investors " (including me)  were stunned by this sudden news and of course, the share price dropped by -49.2% and closed at $0.16 today. I still have a small position of this stock in my portfolio ( 0.4% ) and expected it (dividend) to be cut by 50% to around 3 cts which is a more sustainable level and close it's FCF and may still give us an approx 10% yield at the price of 30+ cts . Although it just a small position, but sitting with such huge "paper loss "now is no joke and a really painful lesson learned, I am sure those vested will have the same feeling.

Is Winning the Lottery Cursed?

Winning the lottery can be a huge, life-changing event. Imagine you'd just won few millions $$ from TOTO and not to forget the  probability   of an ordinary S$1 bet winning the jackpot  is 1 in 13,983,816   chance .   You must be “damn lucky “ in winning the TOTO but what happens to your life after receiving such big “windfall “. Will your life change better or worse, according to a study, “Lottery winners, despite overwhelming odds, are a rare few to win millions on the turn of a dime. Many are simple people just struggling to get by.  Having their financial concerns suddenly vanish must feel good. However, there’s a darker side to winning the lottery. Many winners end up worse off than they were before, broke, deeper in debt, divorced, or worst of all, dead. Like the old saying goes, more money, more problems. ” I am not so sure about Singapore’s case as no study been made on past lottery winner, but from below articles, it seems that there is the so-called “ Lo

Worrying Too Much About Stock Market Fluctuation

I know we worry about a myriad of issues concerning stocks market because it affects our portfolio value day in day out. Our heartbeat increase when we look at the news headlines about “ trade war “, “Interest rate increase “, “ EM slow down”, “US Mid-term election”, “Sanction on Iran “ etc.. But should we press our panic button to “ buy or sell” every time we saw these news headlines which cause the market to fluctuate up and down? Read this before you make a hasty act on trading your stocks base on “ News Headlines “ . Buy American. I Am. By WARREN E. BUFFETT OCT. 16, 2008
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