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DOW .. Down ..Down.. Up ..Up...

Today mark the last trading day of Oct 2018, Yes! Indeed, it's a "choppy and volatile" month for STI and world markets. DJ could swing more than 600 points intra-day from positive to negative. Well, that is really the characteristic of "Mr Market", it swings like a pendulum. Again, many of my friends are asking me if I am selling my stock as the market seems very volatile and 'risky" ( for them ), but my answer to them is the same, "No", I am not selling but just do some "portfolio reshuffling " on some of my holdings ( which I will update more in my next Dividend and Portfolio Update).  In view of such "crazy market " , some might be thinking of getting out of the market and holding 100% in cash . I am not so sure if this is a wise move, of course, if one could avoid the "40 days with biggest losses" from the market, he/she could really achieve an "extraordinary" result, but in reality, can we rea

Has The Fed Really “Gone Crazy” ?

image credit to Yes, this was what President Trump said after Federal Reserve’s recent rise in the interest rate   and signals for more to come which has caused the recent “ market rout” where world major indexes   dropped by more than 5-8% in two days including most of the Asian’s stock market.  I am sure you have been bombarded by all sort of news headlines on “Market Crash “ or even active discussion about share price dropped or portfolio value decreased among your chart group.     Dow plunges more than 800 points in worst drop since February, Amazon and tech shares lead the rout   ( from

OMG !! October : The Month of Market Crashes

<image> Do some months have significantly different stock market returns than others? I am not so sure, but many investors believe that October will be the bad month for stock markets and January will be better with higher than average return.  Is it true that we can time the market base on calendar months like “ Sell in May and go away “, buy-in December for Santa Claus Rally “ and   J anuary Effect etc… which sometimes may refer to as “ Calendar Effect”. (link)
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