My Stock Watch List

Why do we need a Stock Watch List?

I guess most of the investors are having their own stocks watch list in hand which they intended to buy when opportunities arise.

Having a watch list of potential investments next to your workstation allows you to seize upon opportunities presented by the sometimes over-react Mr Market. Armed with a watch list, investors will be at an advantage position as he or she can simply wait for good investments to arise rather than going out looking for them when needed.

Besides, having a watch list will also avoiding us of “impulse buying “ like getting “too excited “ on the certain counter as other investors are talking and chasing ( peer pressure ), or maybe getting “ hot tips “ from our neighbour or uncle.


The problem is, impulse stock buys are just like impulse candy buys. They skip over our better judgment. Maybe they’re good ideas, or maybe they’re bad ideas, but if we don’t do our due diligence and invest in them anyway, then it’s luck if the investment works out and it’s entirely our fault if it fails. As such, one should buy stocks base on validated information/analysis and after due diligent instead of “impulse, emotions or tips “.

Criteria In Setting Up your Stock Watch List:

Individuals will have their own preferences in setting criteria to choose the stocks they would like to add into their watch list.

Same as others, I do maintain a Watch List for non-REIT/ Biz trust counters. But why non-REIT/ Biz Trust? First and for most, you may notice that my portfolio is having much more REIT/Biz Trust and I am trying to take advantage of Mr Market’s overreaction from time to time to increase my non-REIT portion of stocks into my portfolio.

These are a few very good analysis of REIT and data from various sources /links/blogs which you may find a good investment for your watch list for income stocks :

Singapore REIT Fundamental Analysis Comparison Table by Marubozu

Singapore REIT data by The FifthPerson

There are more than 700+ stocks listed in SGX, one will need to narrow down the list by setting your own criteria to filter it. For me, I am getting information from SGX Stock Facts, Blog post, good web analyst ( please refer to My Blog List ), where you may spot good company from their discussion from time to time.

My Stock Watch List

I have a very long list of My Stock Watch List basing on various fundamental ratio.  

As I mentioned, each one may have their own criteria in choosing their favourite stocks to put into the list, for me, basically, I like low debt ( except some property counters ), high yield.  
Of course, any potential stock to buy will also be determined by other factors like PE, PB and risk factors of their underlying business.

The list including those stocks I already own ( highlighted in Blue ) and any potential stock (in yellow colour) I am looking at. In case any stock being dropped from my portfolio, It may change to yellow colour and I shall keep monitoring it if anything changes from my previous analysis.

As you may notice, my portfolio is very much skewed towards “income stocks “. Dividend received give me peace of mind and freedom to choose ( between family and work ).

 I can also choose to re-invest my dividend or keep as a buffer (war-chest ) in order to take advantage on any “black swan “ event which may cause turmoil to market and at the same time provides the greatest opportunities.

Having a “watch list and war chest “ is vital in Winning the loser’s game.

A remark of disclaimer: This Stocks Watch List is just for illustration purpose and not to imply a recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell of a particular stock, please DYODD prior using or acting on this information.

How about you? Do you maintain your Watch List and how do you set your criteria in selecting the counter to put into the LIST?


Quote Of The Day :

"If you have trouble imagining a 20% loss in the stock market, you shouldn't be in stocks." , John Bogle


  1. Hi STE

    Wow thats a very long list of watchlist but i guess the hw is done early, next step is just to trigger :)

    1. Hi B,
      Yah! Indeed , a very long list, but as you said, better hv the list and hw done early , when opportunities strike ,, we will hv the list ready, also, sometime just " sectorial " crisis that affect certain stocks more than others ,,, but of course , if crisis like GFC hits, regardless of good or bad company ,all will be affected. Blue chip may turn to potato chip by then,, :P

  2. Agreed. A shopping list is important.

  3. You have a Long watch list. I have my watchlist but less than 5 stocks I am watching on.

    1. Hi Sweet Retirement,
      Yah ! I'm a bit " Kia su" type ,, my portfolio also reflect the same,, haha :)
      Cheers !

  4. Hi STE,

    Some curious questions, 1. May I know on average, how often do you buy or sell any stock. 2. When you buy or sell, is the value (eg $5k/$10K) or percentage of your portfolio (1%/5%) do you take into consideration? Thanks

    1. Hi millionfaith,
      FYI, as you know , i am not a day trader , my buying or selling vary from time to time , sometime once a month or if market is quite , may be 1-2 a qtr, buying or selling will increase if there is huge correction like early 2016 i don't really buy or sell much. As for the amount , it will start will small amount first if I started to initiate a new counter, may be around 10k -20k ,, and increase if the price drop further ( if I have confident on that counter)..

  5. Hi STE,

    Thank you for honest sharing. You really are a buy and hold investor, which I am learning to be. I have a lot to learn from you : ) Trading is not my cup, but sometimes, pretty tempted, especially I spend quite a bit of time on my computer, and able to access to the stock market. Do you look at the price everyday? every hour? and if you do, you have already master the art to deal with Mr. Market. I am impressed.

  6. Hi millionfaith,
    Yah , spending days on computer and being bombarded by all kinds of financial news made us having urge to trade and press the button ..:)
    haha ,, I am human who have same biases as you or anyone out there ...I do check the share price few time on daily basis ,, but just looking at the figure for fun ... :P
    Cheers ..


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