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With the increasing usage of the internet as the main platform of social media for us to communicate and as the source of news replacing traditional printed media, corporate and government starts to pay more attention to the problems and consequence of  “fake news and its impact on society at large.

What is “ Fake News: from Wikipedia 

Quote “The relevance of fake news has increased in post-truth politics. For media outlets, the ability to attract viewers to their websites is necessary for general online advertising revenue. If publishing a story with false content attracts users, it may be worthy of producing in order to benefit advertisers and ratings. Easy access to online advertisement revenue, increased political polarization, and the popularity of social media…. “

Why Facebook and Google are struggling to purge fake news ( from  The Washington Post )


The latest fake news saga in Singapore :

AGC has written to the man who posted 'fake news' about a lawyer who defended City Harvest Church leaders. ( full story here )

As financial bloggers, although we often said that we are just writing and presenting our thought and readers have to do their own due diligent in using the information or facts given. It is also undeniable that some may have their own agenda to gain some revenues in whatever form, be it advertising or promoting his/her own courses.

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In most of the case, when readers asking me or questioning me about the “ genuine “  of the dividend the amount we are getting (STE and Mrs ) from what I have published every quarter, I will just reply politely that I would like to maintain some “confidentiality” of my portfolio and financial status, and sometimes just brushed it off completely if the questions were rude or too demanding. I think my immediate response was quite common as most of us may think “ WTH..., this is just a blog and free web-side which for me to pen down my thoughts and earn nothing from the web ), if you think this is another “fake news / blogs”, may just close it and move on to the other website, continue reading.

But as times goes by, I start to think that with so many “ fake news “ going around social media, it would not be too much for readers to demand “authenticity or genuineness “ of news and articles they are reading, including from fellow bloggers. A such, I have decided to published our CDP accounts as to confirm the amount of dividend we are collecting every quarter and hope to put this (requesting for a prove) to rest once and for all. I may also use this blog as a link for future inquiry and doubt from readers who wanted to verify the amount of dividend we collected each quarter if they have doubt.

The dividend is still our source of income and even with the current market turmoil, we will continue to hold the majority of our shares and take advantage of “market irrationality “ with our war-chest when the market drops to a certain level after severe correction or entering the bear territory.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, while the market may continue to be volatile but we are happy with our dividend collected each quarter and of course can sleep well at night. By all mean, this is definitely not to show-off our portfolio but I guess it could act as "inspiration " for future F.I.R.E to be as we built up this portfolio from scratch and be able to enjoy the "fruits " after 18 years of "saving and investing", of course, the most important is " live within your means " !! & the danger of " Lifestyle Inflation ", some update on this on  My Investment Strategy Part 3 ...here ).

You may read more " About Me " ( here ) on our background as we were not born with a silver spoon.

Stay tuned for our next dividend and portfolio update.

Cheers !!   ðŸ˜‰

Quote Of The Day :

“ Market turmoil is the best possible news for us. The more “Chaos” and uncertainty in the marketplace, the better.” By David Stanton

Appendix: Our CDP statement ( STE & Mrs )

**FYI, since this statement is downloaded for Jan 2018, our portfolio value has gone down much ( more than -$120K ) after the recent global market turmoil and correction since weeks ago. 


  1. Real people. Real face. Real Kopi. Kopi. got fake news? LOL!

    1. hi uncle CW8888, yah..real money to buy kopi ...but no real Rolex or LV ..lol

  2. An inspiration for the younger generation indeed.

    1. btw uncle CW8888 said we should meet up for kopi, around the same age, similar circumstances.

    2. Hi Mr Dream, Sure, let's hv kopi session together with uncle cw8888 if you have time...
      Cheers ! Wishing u A very Happy and Prosperous CNY... :-)

    3. ok, let me message uncle cw8888

  3. Very respectable CDP account statement!
    Indeed a motivation for me to work towards!

    Thank you! :)

    1. hi sleepydevil,
      I am sure you will achieve that one day..all roads leads to Rome...it may achieve through different ways.. Cheers

  4. Hi STE

    Since you had shown all, would you mind to share your cash or war chest level, just want to know your ratio. :-)

    1. hi...全自然, is around 18% including those bonds and cps ...

  5. I have full confident in STE and Mrs, it will never be fake news from you!

    Enjoy reading your posts and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi CK, Thanks for your kind words and encouragement...glad to know that you find my blog useful...

      Cheers :)

  6. My respects to you and Mrs STE sir!! You are very generous to share your results and motivate younger generation and also the not so young ones. Looking forward to more inspiring stuff from you!! Happy new year !!

    1. Hi garudadri, Thanks for the comments and much appreciated. Wishing you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year and Holidays as well...
      Cheers !!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Real gold not afraid of 🔥

    1. Hi AT_AT ! Thanks for the comment...
      Cheers !


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