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A Quick Update On My Portfolio : 21 Mar 2021

  One of the reader PM me about the remaining 20% of my portfolio which I didn’t highlight or put up in my previous update on Dividend & Portfolio Update :1 st Qtr 2021 ( here ) because I think those are quite small positions with just 20% of total value in another 30 stocks. In this quick update, I will just attach the chart of my total holding plus small change in my portfolio composition. I have added another Tech /growth stock in my portfolio – , another giant E-commerce ++ other than Alibaba , after seeing the stock dropped by around -29% from the ATH (all time high) achieved in Feb 2021. Since I have both giant China E-commerce company (with combine market share of more than 70% ) , okie, either one success , I am also happy. But why not PDD – Pinduoduo Inc .   (which dropped more than -43%) and with the remaining 7.5% market share. Of course, we know that PDD’s growth story is more promising where its’ active user had surpassed Alibaba recently but both (vs Alib

Dividend & Portfolio Update: 1st Qtr. 2021

  Market continued the upward trend and rebounded strongly in 1 st Qtr. 2021 with STI Index up by around +9%. With improving economic situation and more good news on economy recovery and the progress on vaccination, “old economy “stocks like bank, Oil & Energy, Consumer staples are having a good run recently while the Tech or growth stocks having a pullback due to increase in US 10 Years Treasury Yield. As I mentioned in my previous blogpost ( Volatile Market: A New Normal ), the pullback might just be a temporary “dip” in the market as market still being “flooded” with so much of liquidity, money just   moved around from one sector to another sector or so called "sector rotation". Increasing 10 years bond yield (or interest rate in general) might also be the good news for banking sector as this may improve their NIM while FED remain committed to keep the short-term rate "ultra low" for foreseeable future.   Is Market Valuation Still Cheap Now? I am no
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