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Keep Calm & Keep Walking (Waiting ) ….. ( Photos Sharing )

The stock market remains volatile and STI moving up and down with range-bound between 2450-2550. With US Presidential Election and the pending stimulus package from the US government & congress, the market just moving up and down by following this news day by day, for me, it is just like watching “Korean Drama” with popcorn ready. Regardless of who is being elected as next US President, the market will still need to be backed to basic in line with economic performance and recovery from this pandemic. I am sure there will be a “ stimulus package” ready to support this “fragile and zombie” US economy eventually, to keep it “afloat” while waiting for “vaccine” and life to go back to normal. <Image credit :>   Here’s How The Stock Market Has Performed Before, During, And After Presidential Elections <>       Stock-market volatility can surge by 20% in the 2 weeks prior to Election Day—but don’t act rash <>

We Are All Market Timer !! ( The Most Important Video On Market Timing )

 Yes !! we are all market timer , to some extent. Listen to below video from Prof Aswath Damodaran on how he explains investors using asset allocation to time the market, without we realizing it sometimes. We fully understand that nobody can exactly predict the stock’s price movement but that doesn’t stop many from trying to do so, continuously and relentlessly, on a daily basis a.k.a day trading for stocks. We also knew that “ time in the market “ is important base on the long term “ compounding effect” and we don’t try to guess when the stock’s price is at its lowest or its highest point, basically we buy base on fundamental. So what makes you think that we are all market timer?     Market Timing - Dreaming The Impossible Dream?   < By Prof. Aswath Damodaran>                                                              <Video credit to Prof Aswath Damodaran> Of course, we know that stock prices are unpredictable and are impossible to make money from the day

Market Manipulation: More Than An Insider Trading….

  Spoofing, Churning, Cornering, Ramping, Wash Trading, Bear Raiding ….what else?   Market manipulation happens when someone tries to rig the supply and demand of a particular stock or any type of security. It’s a tactic or scam that could lead you into thinking that the market is going in one direction when it’s not. It is the act of intentionally trying to increase or decrease the value of a stock or influencing the behaviour of the market to do so and eventually taking profit from such activities. While insider trading may be a famous example but there are many other illegal tactics that unscrupulous traders use to try and exploit the market for profit  This can take many forms and of course all of which is illegal and can result in hefty fines and criminal prosecution if discovered. Below is the latest case on how a big bank using one of the tactics ( spoofing ) to manipulate and rig the gold futures market.     On 14 th Jan 2020:   JPMorgan’s trading surge hel
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