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Portfolio & Dividends Update : 1st Half 2023

Time flies, and as we find ourselves in the midst of 2023, it is remarkable to reflect upon the passage of time and experience that has unfolded. I’m sure we all have different experiences in the 1st half of 2023 in terms of portfolio management and performance. For me, the last two quarters were like YOYO and my portfolio was performing well till March ( up by almost 11%) with the hope China “re-opening and recovery “But, as time passes, the strength of the recovery is getting weaker month by month and now everyone is hoping for more “ stimulus policies” to boost the economy, with declining economic indicators like retail sales, property sales, high unemployment among youth, slower export due to weak demand from developed countries, lower PPI and almost flat or zero CPI figure. All this has made my portfolio up and down huge, dropping to -2% at one point, and rebounding slightly to 4.68% now, with hopes of more policy support from the government. If you are invested in the US or J
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