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Where Is My “ Bear “ ?

<Image credit to> Fear ? No More You may notice that market continue to perform well, rebounded strongly after 1 or 2 days blip and dip crisis after crisis. US and European stock indices closed at record highs, while their Hong Kong and Chinese counterparts built on a rebound, as investors calmed their nerves over the new coronavirus outbreak that has swept across Asia. Even in previous Iran-US geopolitical conflict, the market also look very calm. Trade war – no fear , Iran-US Geopolitical crisis – no fear , COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis – no fear <image credit to>

Rational Irrationality : From Stock Market to Supermarket

image credit to Same as investors, peoples act irrationally during crisis or pandemic, we panic selling our " equity " in the  stock market and buying " rice or toilet papers " in the  supermarket , both have a similarity. Understanding Investor Behavior   <> Be focused, stay calm ( safe ) during this crisis/pandemic. Have a plan and long term view of your investment horizon, don't act " irrationally " during this period of time by "stocking up" your toilet papers or selling your stocks which still have strong fundamental. Instead, as I blogged before ( link ), a crisis could be an opportunity if you have a plan in place and buy the good fundamental stocks during crisis where price has plummeted irrationally. image credit to Cheers !! STE

2020 Novel Coronavirus Crisis (Buy or Sell ?) -Portfolio Update

image credit to There was no “January Effect“ for world stock markets as far as 2020 is concerned. Just as the world economy appeared to emerge from the uncertainty of trade-war after the signing of “phase one” trade deal between the US and China, the world economy has been hit by another crisis of new coronavirus outbreak started from Wuhan China which has already taken a heavy toll.     Coronavirus: China's stock market plummets as the country's death toll climb past 360 – live updates   <link> The WHO has made it official that this is a “ Global Health Emergency “ and many countries had also taken extra measures to contain or deter the virus from getting into their countries by restricting travellers from China or those been visiting China before.
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