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2nd Quarter 2020 : Portfolio & Dividend Update

A Shrinking “ Panadol ”! I think this is the predicament for all of us as “income or dividend “ investors, seeing our dividend received have a big " cut" or totally disappear like the case of “ HSBC ”. We have noticed that most  REITs start to be more prudent in their latest distribution and conserving more cash during this Covid-19 pandemic. So far, banks like DBS still trying to maintain their quarterly dividend but I guess at some point, they also would have to cut their dividend if this crisis prolongs. As investors, we will also need to be more “realistic “ in our expectation, a 6-7% yield of stocks might become a thing of the past, especially if we look at the “ultra-low “ interest rate environment. Look at the interest rate for the latest SSB ( Singapore Saving Bond ) , for 10 years AAA bond is merely around 1%. Just guess how much you will get from the bank’s FD rate? Suddenly, I felt more than happy and contented with my money i

Covid-19 Crisis : Everything Is Unprecedented

image credit to In the past few months, we have seen the significant impact on Covid-19 pandemic to our economy and life in general. The world economy suddenly stops due to lockdown, the stock market plunged into a bear market in fastest speed. We have many unprecedented things happened recently, oil future dropped to negative territory, US jobless claims hit 30 mils in just six-week after lockdown, the  unlimited stimulus plan (money printing) from world central bankers, world country’s PMI plunges to record low etc…
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