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Portfolio & Dividends Update : 4th Qtr 2022

  Time flies and as the end of the year approaches, it's a good time to reflect on the goals and targets you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Conducting a year-end review can help you assess your progress, identify areas for improvement, and set yourself up for success in the coming year. I think 2022 was a challenging year for everyone where we have seen the market swing like a pendulum. My portfolio returns fluctuate from having +ve 11% in early 2022 to -ve 10% in Oct and rebounded slightly to almost flat as of writing. As we are approaching 2023, is time to “ take stocks” on what’s happening to your portfolio and to review your investment strategy, assess your portfolio’s diversification and rebalance your portfolio if needed. Consider your risk tolerance: It's important to be aware of your own risk tolerance when reviewing your stock portfolio. If you're comfortable with a higher level of risk, you may be able to take on more aggressive investments. On

Market Update : World Major Stock Market Regression Line

Most of the world stock markets ended lower in the 3rd Quarter of 2022, as concern about rising interest rate ( FED increased the FFR by another 0.75% in Sep and indicated that they going to increase the rate by another 1.25% by the end of 2022), persistently and stubbornly high inflation , increasing geopolitical tensions (blew up of Nord Stream 1&2 pipelines , the annexation of 4 Ukraine territories ), the energy crisis in Europe, the collapse of UK Bond market after the government announced the new tax cut and of course the continuous of struggling economy situations in China ( low PMI, struggling property market, no improvement of economic activities with strict Zero Covid policy ). Commodities prices lost momentum in view of a possible ( or already) world economic recession. After pumping trillions of dollars of liquidity into the market in the past decades, the world central bank is facing all the above, most unprecedented challenges in recent world economic history, guess
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