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"Davis Double Play" : Mr. Market & Asset Bubbles

 The last two weeks must be a hectic week for Crypto investors as we had seen the collapse of Luna ( A type of stable coin) which wiped out almost $40 Billion of market cap from the Crypto-market. What is Terra Luna? Why did it Crash by 99.9%? <> As I mentioned before, Crypto as a so-called " alternative asset " class is very risky and may not be suitable for all investors, especially for those with low-risk tolerance. Bitcoin as the " King " of Crypto may not collapse like " Luna " since it still has demands on certain "usage " like "currency" for some groups of people, but we may continue to see the huge fluctuations of the price like up and down of more than +/- 50%. For some other coins like "Luna", it will not be that lucky to enjoy such "privilege" and I am sure, "Luna" will not be the last of such coins to collapse, there will still be some to follow Luna

Portfolio & Dividends Update : 1st Half 2022

 Wow ! my last blog post was on 23rd Jan 2022, almost 4 months ago, time flies. I am really lazy to write recently and have been busy lately as my mum passed away last month at the age of 88. It was peaceful, calm, and dignified. My mum was wheelchair-bound for almost 8 years but she was strong and healthy until last year during the lockdown when her conditions deteriorate. Much regret that I was not able to go back during the two years+ lockdowns period and only be able to make contact through video call. Before the lockdown, I try to make a trip back every month to see my mum and also catch up with my siblings. I think most of the elderly (including my mum), don't think you need to buy expensive things for them, just a simple meal will make them very happy ( can see from her smile when I go back and bring her out for dinner every time I go back). What they need are just someone to accompany them and talk to them and a listening ear. I am really glad that I could spend more time w
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