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Withholding Tax For Chinese Public Listed Company

A-Share , B-Share , H-Share , Red-Chip, S-Chip and P-Chip  ?

Nobody likes to pay tax and try to avoid or minimize it as much as possible , tax could be a huge cost component” and it reduce our overall rate of returns, especially if like we would have to pay 20-30% of withholding tax for capital gain or dividend income for investing in certain countries.
As you know, I have just started to invest in HKG/CHN market since Sep 2019 and still learning on different classes structure and tax issues on investing in China related companies through HKEX.

Chinese Public Listed Company Share Classes< source>

Publicly traded companies in China generally fall under three share categories: A-shares represent publicly listed Chinese companies that trade on Chinese stock exchanges such as the Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchanges. These stocks trade in yuan renminbi (CNY).B-shares are Domestically Listed Foreign Investment Shares. They list on the Shenzhen…

My Report Card (Portfolio Performance ) 2019

December was a busy month for me as we went to “Kukup-Malaysia” for our family gathering after returning from Hokkaido, also another staycation at JB right after the Kukup trip.Since next week will be another busy week for me with Christmas gathering and preparing my younger daughter’s entering to secondary school, I would like to give a brief and quick update of my portfolio performance for 2019.

As compared to 2018 where we have seen market (STI) down by almost -10% , I guess 2019 will be a good one for most of us , especially for those with more REITs in their portfolio. REITs have good run in 2019 after FED decided to have 180% change in their interest rate direction with 3 rates cut compared to rate increased in 2018, this has resulted FTSE S-REIT gone up by +23.4% YTD.

2019 was an eventful year other than seeing FED’s stance change , we have seen market was very volatile with up and down whenever we have positive or negative “tweet” from President Trump. Although with much unce…

Keep Calm and Collect Photos ( Dividends )

幸福感是一种个体的心理体验每个人的幸福点不同。 Like personal finance, we have our own preferences in choosing things that make us happy. Some like to own “luxury items “, some prefer having bigger house or driving a big car and others may just like to enjoy good food or best cuisine. As you know, holidays is our biggest expenses every year since STE and Mrs like to travel. This year, we have our family trip to Hokkaido and we really enjoyed the nice scenery , foods and of course experiencing different culture of Japan. Like Investing, it is the journey during the holidays that we enjoy the most as I like to sit quietly at the back of the bus and taking photos. Sometimes, the scenery at the destination may not appear as what we have expected due to weather change and full of unexpected events or incidents. For example, due strong winds , we were not be able to take the cable car to enjoy the spectacular night view of Hakodate city from the mountain. Similarly, in investing , is the journey of “analysing “ and…
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