Feel Good About Your BULL Market Returns

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It has been quite sometimes since my last update of the “Regression Chart for STI and world major indexes.

After seeing the chart with the latest data, I realized that no wonder everyone seems happy on the ROI of their portfolio and bullish about the market recently as STI hit above 3200 level.

Here you go….

** For the first time since Oct 2015, STI is moving above long term “regression mean “  of approx. 3220.

STI still far from +1 SD as compared to the other world major indexes like DJ or Nasdaq and for sure, nobody knows where the market will be heading, it may continue to trend upwards if sentiments continue to be good and there is no abrupt correction on world major markets.

 Although STI is far from “Bubble “ level of valuation, but always remember that “ When the US sneezes , the world catches a cold “.

Here is the “Regression Chart “ of US Markets

Here in Singapore, our local stock analysts also seem very bullish about how the market will end in 2017, with below called and Year-end estimates.

Year-end estimates for the benchmark Straits Times Index (STI) range from 3,400 points to a possible test of the 3,539.95-level last seen in April 2015

So what is your take on STI by the end of the year? Above 3400 or 3500? For me, I have no idea nor crystal ball to tell where the market will be heading and would recommend all serious investors to read this latest memo from famous billionaire investor Howard Marks: There They Go Again...Again



  1. It reminds of what someone says at value buddies which are underrated or misunderstood.

    With my own understanding, it goes like: Don't fear bubbles and the bear.

    Just have enough to sell into a bubble and enjoy the ride up and enough to buy to enjoy the ride down

  2. Yah..that's very true..but ppl's emotions is hard to control ...especially during crisis. ..or even much more greedy during "bubble "....biases dnd irrationality of our mind rule our thinking ....most of time. ..:)
    Anyway. .those csn control their emotions welll..win the market eventually. ..in the long run. ..👏👏

    Cheers !!

  3. Hi STE, just wondering where do you get your regression chart from?

    1. Hi ah kang,
      Fyi..i use the excel to get the sd data and plot the regression line bu myself.
      Hope this clarify.
      Cheers! !

    2. Hi STE, that sounds like of interesting. Just wondering how do you plot the regression line using excel once the data feed is obtained.


    3. Hi ah kang,
      You may find the answerat the comments section of below link. .
      Hope this assist. .



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