3rd Qtr 2017 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

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After getting the result announcement from Croesus Retail Trust this morning, all the company I have vested has announced their quarterly result respectively. Is time for me to update my Dividend & Interest income which I will be receiving in 3rd Qtr 2017.  

Total Dividend & Interest Income ( 3rd Qtr 2017 ) = $46,539.36

YTD 2017 Dividend & Interest Income = $146,097.02

The total income received for this quarter will be much lesser as compared to 2nd Qtr mainly due to absence of biannual dividend income from Accordia G Trust ( around $9K) and Interest income from short term corporate bond (around  $5K) which only be received in 2nd and 4th Qtr respectively.

Please find the detail as below :

Most of the REITs and Blue Chips stocks are paying a lesser dividend as compared same Qtr last year but since I will have excess fund after minus out all the expenses, which I will re-invest into share or bond, I hope to get the same amount of dividend as last year or slightly lower and the end of the year.

As mentioned in my previous blog post ( here ), I don’t really keep track of my expenses in detail, but I know roughly the basic monthly expenses plus some big item like holidays (which is the biggest expenses for me every year ). With that, I think we would be able to save up to $80-100 K for both STE and Mrs., which will be channelled towards bond and share to increase our total passive income and cushion off the impact of falling dividend pay-out from some of the company.

The most important thing is to keep the simple and frugal lifestyle, don’t let the “ Lifestyle Inflation “  creeping in and affecting your total expenses, which is a never-ending vicious circle and worse still you may end up stuck in the rat race.

Since I scraped my car in Jun 2016, I use public transport to travel around and using the train to go back to my home town in Malaysia which is more relaxed as I could avoid the peak period and no hassle of driving especially when there is a heavy traffic jam at the Causeway. Of course, enjoying the “hawker’s food “ while catching “Pokemon “…  J

For those readers who are playing the game (Pokemon Go), I guess you must be busy running around to catch the “Legendary Birds “ or so-called “ Raid Boss “ which been released recently after the “Chicago Event “ in Jul 2017.

Happy hunting !! ( Pokemon & Stocks )

Portfolio Update :

Total stocks in my portfolio down by 3 from 50 to 47. 

Not much changes in my overall portfolio holding with 3 Out and 1 In. As usual, no single stock having more than 10% of my total investment portfolio and the Top 4 are :

1) First Reit (6.9%)
2) Accordia G Trust  (6.9%)
3) Keppel Corp (6.7%)
4) Fraser Comm. (6.4%)

Please find the ROI of the 3 stocks which I have sold recently : 

< Genting >

I bought into this counter in early 2015 is hoping that the return of “VIP Gambler “ from China would return quickly as the stock price has corrected by almost 40% from the peak of around $1.5. I was totally wrong to underestimate the impact of “ China’s Factor “ as the quick recovery doesn’t materialize as I thought. I end up with -4.7 % XIRR for almost 2 years invested in this counter. 

Well, lesson learned, we tend to be “ overconfidence “ in our ability to predict the future especially on the direction or profit and growth of any company.   

< YZJ Shipping >

YZJ turn out to be my best performing stock in 2017 with XIRR of 74% in 1 year of investing with $14 K profit including dividend. I am sure nobody (including me, of course ) know this will be the best performing stock in STI in the year 2017, else , I will channel most of my fund into it, by hindsight.


As I said before in investing, sometime, you win, sometimes you lose and is really hard to predict the turnaround time for such cyclical stock and I am sure my “ luck “ play in this regards.


K-Reit was one my earliest investment during GFC in early 2009 which gave me spectacular ROI. I have no other word to say other than “ Investing during a crisis will really give you an extraordinary return and beating the Alpha “.

Some may wonder why I sold off this counter even with such outstanding return in the long-run, well, you may find the clue (here ).

But again, there is no right or wrong in any share transaction and as I repeatedly mentioned :

"One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute." - William Feather.

Lastly, please be reminded that this is not a call to buy or sell of any stocks mentioned above, as disclaimer please DYODD before acting on the information given and all the counters and numbers given are just for illustration purposes.

Cheers !!

Quote Of  The Day:

“Dividends may be boring for the investor looking for the casino-like thrill that comes from big stock market moves, but boring could also be called stability and stability becomes profit. From Dividend.com


  1. Great dividend results as always STE. Your top 4 will contribute dividends for a much longer period of time though im a bit surprised you have so much keppel :)

    1. Hi B..
      Thanks. .yah...without realize ..i hv accumulated so much Keppel Corp. .😂😂 i am hoping their property sector would continue ti perform well..since there is no sign of recovery in Oil n Gas sector 😀😀

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Bruce.
      Since my portfolio is skew towards REIT & Biz trust ..overall yield is slightly higher. .hence dollar value would be lower. ..
      Anyway. .good guess 👏👏

      ..hahaha :-)😀😀
      Cheers! !

  3. Hi STE, appreciate your sharing on loser, Genting and your humbleness on winner YZJ. Investing in shares can be simple, but to make money, it is really not that easy.

    1. Hi WY,
      Yah, indeed , investing in share is not easy at all.. we need to be in the market for few cycles to understand the "truth " and logic of market ,,, investing during bull market seems make us have bias of "over confidence " in our ability to make money from stocks market. Only during the crisis and deep recession will test our capability in handling the market... :-)
      Cheers !!

  4. Hi STE,

    Care to share why you sold Yangzijiang?

    1. Hi Sanye,
      Fyi..i bought into YZJ base on the price ..at low and close to -1sd at that time...with the strong balance sheet n net cash situation. .also of course it pay dividend. But as i said..shipping n ship building is vey cyclical industry and the prolonged down cycle could be very long...hence i took decision to sell base on price rebound recently.
      For such cyclical counters like Genting n commodities stock Wilmar. .i will take advantage on price movement n their cycles. ..not like my base income stocks eg Reit n some bank blue chips n conglomerate ...
      Hope this clarify. .
      Cheers!! :-)

  5. This is a very interesting web page and I have enjoyed reading many of the articles and posts about dividend stocks, keep up the good work and hope to read some more interesting content in the future. Absolutely this article is incredible. And it is so beautiful.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thanks for the comment , glad that you find the blog post useful ...
      Cheers !!


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