Housing Choice link to Retirement Comfort ! ( STE photos sharing )

MAS Urges Households To Stay Financially Prudent

Much been written about “Housing choice vs Retirement comfort “, another types of Cs in our financial planning.

Life is full of “choices “, one may choose to “stay single or marry “, to “have kids or be DINKs “, to “climb the corporate ladder or be a freelancer”, to “save more or spend more “, to “save or invest “, to “buy health insurance or take the risk ( bo chap)”……and the list goes on.

“In particular, households should consider their housing choices carefully, as retirement adequacy could be compromised should households overstretch their finances to purchase more expensive housing.”

Source: “Stay prudent, be cautious with property purchases, MAS tells Singaporeans” 

You may find and read the news or articles as below :

Full report from MAS : (here )
From AsiaOne Singapore News ( here )
From Financial Blogger CW8888 (here )

Of course, is your choice, if one is ready to work harder and longer, he/she may choose to continuously “upgrade “ their hosing need, from HCD to EC to Apartment to  Condominium to Terrace to Semi-D to Bungalow …

For me, I am a lazy guy and choose to stop at HDB, in exchange for more free time, for me and family. After staying in 3R HDB flat for more than 10 years at Yishun, we shifted to 5Rs at Sengkang now.

I think this is one of the best article written about benefits and enjoyable lifestyle of staying in an HDB flat :

10 reasons why staying in an HDB flat rocks (here)

Allow me to share some of the HDB flat photos taken by me, you may find some of the buildings or places look familiar if you are staying around this area:

Yes !! Home to >80% of Singapore’s resident population.  Your Choice?

Cheers !!


  1. Choosing housing can be view as Needs or Wants. If we can live with the basic needs, and forgone the wants then we could retire with asset rich.

    When we structure on mortgage loan, do consider to fully paid off by age 55. Why? Because most of us will be at retirement age or 'out of job market'. Our human capital diminish from there onward. Hence we have lesser income to support our living expenses.

    Bottomline... don't be slave of house. Free yourself. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Ray ,
      Yes! Human capital will have limit...especially now with " digital disruption " ,,jobs is getting unsecured ...better to be prudent in our housing choice and mortgage limit...as you said,,, don't overstech and be " slave of house " ...:-(
      Cheers !!👍👍

  2. wow these new HDBs look really good.. especially the new Dawson developments.. getting more and more convenient too..

    Web Design Singapore


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