Investment Using SRS fund - My Experience

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Many articles have been written on SRS Account and it’s pro and con. You may find a few good blogs and summary as below :


Is the Supplementary Retirement Scheme a Waste of Your Time and Money? From Money$ (here)

Why it makes sense to contribute to the SRS account (to a certain extent) from money (here )

While some may not agree on useful or merit of contributing money into SRS account on reason for “long lock-in “ period and others.

Why I Am Not Too Keen On The Supplementary Retirement Scheme from My 15 Hour Work Week (here)

And of course the famous AK on his blog on “ How AK uses his SRS money and why? (here)

I was quite reluctant to contribute into SRS account at the initial stage because of very long lock-in period where one can only start to withdraw when we reached our statutory retirement age to avoid any penalty. But when my taxable income hit tax bracket of above 10%, I changed my mind and started to contribute in 2013 and the following year of 2014.  I have only contributed 2 years of SRS as I have stopped working in end of 2014.

I have enjoyed more tax-deductible in YA2014 & YA2015 with total SRS contribution of $25,550.

My Investment return on SRS Account :

As of today, I am getting around 8% (XIRR ) of ROI on my investment by using the SRS account, which is not bad for  3.5 years of investment, of course, will need to see this in much longer-term or time horizon.

How about you ? are you contributing to SRS and what kind of investment you have made or done for money under SRS account and your return of course?

Cheers !!

Quote Of The Day :

“Growing old is not an option. We don’t have a choice. But we do have choices that will greatly affect our quality of life for the rest of our life.” by Henry K. Hebeler


  1. For you, it doesn't matter SRS, cpfis or cash, you show that you can make money from the market. :-)

    1. Hi Uncle CW8888,
      LOL , not really , some of my counters ( O&G) in CPFIS are sitting with double digit lost in % :-( , I hope to share on this. Also , I think sometime " luck counts " haha .
      Cheers !!

  2. Hi STE,

    Thanks for the mention. Much appreciated.

    You are certainly putting your SRS money to good use! Very handsome return to date!


    Heartland Boy

    1. Hi Hearland Boy,

      LOL , I like your blogs about investment / retirement and lifestyle . As for my return on SRS account , I think 3.5 years of investing still consider short and need to see how it perform in longer period of time.
      Cheers !! :-)


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