Keep Calm and Collect Photos ( Dividends )

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Like personal finance, we have our own preferences in choosing things that make us happy. Some like to own “luxury items “, some prefer having bigger house or driving a big car and others may just like to enjoy good food or best cuisine.
As you know, holidays is our biggest expenses every year since STE and Mrs like to travel. This year, we have our family trip to Hokkaido and we really enjoyed the nice scenery , foods   and of course experiencing different culture of Japan.
Like Investing, it is the journey during the holidays that we enjoy the most as I like to sit quietly at the back of the bus and taking photos. Sometimes, the scenery at the destination may not appear as what we have expected due to weather change and full of unexpected events or incidents. For example, due strong winds , we were not be able to take the cable car to enjoy the spectacular night view of Hakodate city from the mountain. Similarly, in investing , is the journey of “analysing “ and selecting a stock , discussing investing ideas with friends , reading reports and news on companies we have invested , collecting dividend etc… that make us happy although the end result might be different from our initial expectation.
Investing is a long journey, especially for investor who practices  “income investing” like me ….it take very long time to allow the miracle and power of compounding effect to take place. Compound effect is a fundamental component of wealth creation and by understanding just this one principle, you can make a significant difference to your financial independence over the long term.

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Would like to share some photos taken during my trip to Hokkaido

Cheers !

旅游中,每个人的幸福点都不一样, 有的开心 去“shopping”, 有的享受美食, 而我就喜欢拿做相机坐在巴士后面,静静的拍下窗外美丽的风景。。。。冬天北海道总是最美的!!


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    1. Yes, indeed, thanks for the comments , Uncle 8888...:D

  2. I am in the same situation.. Collect my dividend and enjoy my travel around the globe..

    1. Hi GlobalPassiveIncome,
      Great!! Happy to know that you are enjoying your life with your dividend income.... cheers :D

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    1. Yes, indeed, thanks for the comments..:D

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