1-2-3 To Be A Successful Investor

If you are looking for investing ideas or methods of successful investment, guess you will often hear this in any investment seminars, talks or even encountered this many times in newspaper or blogs, i.e Investing is simple, not easy”, the famous quote from our legendary and super-investor Warren Buffet.

As human nature, we like to simplify things which are complicated such as investing in simple DIY version of 1-2-3.

You may find many articles as below in financial news or portal which simplify the investment ideas or philosophy into point form for easy understanding.

** Please click the underline number if wish to read the full articles and all credit goes to authors of these articles.

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And last but not the least :

The Most Important ( 1 ) Factor for Success, According to Warren Buffett

While it is good to simplify the investment ideas into point form for easy understanding, but it does not make it simple nor easy for DIY retail investors like you and me. One will still need to continuously upgrade their knowledge of Accounting & Finance ( to understand the pit-falls or creative accounting ), Economics (macro or micro ) and the important part of “psychology “ aspect of the market.

As I repeatedly mentioned in my blog post, even the Index Investing is not as simple as we thought once the market move into depression or crisis level. Can our mind handle the negative return of -30 to -40 % in our investment portfolio?

Never stop learning :

One of the greatest secrets to Warren Buffett's success is that he is continuously learning. Charlie Munger, the vice-chairman of Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, once said this about his legendary colleague:

"Warren Buffett has become one hell of a lot better investor since the day I met him, and so have I. If we had been frozen at any given stage, with the knowledge we had, the record would have been much worse then it is. So the game is to keep learning, and I don't think people are going to keep learning who don't like the learning process."

So the moral of the story is “Don’t just stop at 1-2-3 ,,,,,”  keep learning.


PS :

I don’t think one should spend a few thousands of dollars to learn how to invest or “trade “ , but as I mentioned before, spending a few hundred dollars to set our mind right in understanding the concept of “value investing “ and “investment philosophy “ is OK and necessary.

As I have blogged about it before here ) “Good Financial Journalist That Could Shape Your View in Investing”, Teh Hooi Leng was one of my favorite journalist during her tenure with The Business Time, I enjoyed reading her articles on markets, valuation and psychology aspect of investment.

So here is the best “ kang tao “, she will be speaking at “ Investors Exchange 2017 “ together with one of my friend and fellow blogger, Chris from Tree of Prosperity and five other speakers from the various field on 29th Jul 2017 on topics range from Equity Investing, REITs, Dividend Investing, Property investment and many more….

So, don’t stop leaning,,, grab your tickets here,,, I’m sure this will be the things that “ Money Worth Spending On “ !!


Quote Of The Day :

“In order to be successful, an investor has to understand not just finance, accounting and economics, but also psychology Howard Marks


  1. Stock Market is one of those Complex adaptive systems

    Complex adaptive systems are special cases of complex systems. They are complex in that they are diverse and made up of multiple interconnected elements and adaptive in that they have the capacity to change and learn from experience. Simply, it means the Stock Market has a mind of its own.

    We as retail also have to keep learning and adapting ourselves to the market. Bo pian!

    There is no magic formula or method or holy grail.

    1. Hi Uncle CW8888,
      Yes ! fully agreed that "biz and product evolve" , market keep evolving , we also need to "evolve " and keep learning !! Key feature of " CDA - Complex Adaptive System
      Cheers !!


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