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It has been quite sometimes since my last update of STE Smart Beta Index which was created on 28 Aug 2016 ( here ) and Yah !! Just for Fun  J

STE SM Index beat the STI Index by just 2 % points and if take into consideration of dividend yield where it has been set higher than STI by around 1.5%, a total return could be around 3.5 %.

 I will need to do the portfolio rebalancing in Aug 2017 after 1 year of inception and I think since the market has been very bullish recently, it has become very difficult to find counters which have PE <10 or Div Yield >5% among STI's components. Base on my observation, the total counter should drop to eight only as per current stocks price and market valuation.

Well, let’s see how it turned out over the long term time period …. Again, Just for Fun !!

The market seems to have full of optimism with VIX (fear index) ( Definition of VIX  here from Investopedia ) dropping to historically low level recently even with geopolitical tension and also shrugging off the news of the sacking of FBI Director by President Trump .

Wall Street’s VIX ‘fear index’ falls to the lowest level since 1993 ( here )

We do understand that nobody knows for sure where the market will be heading and at least the market is moving in random in short term as prediction is hard and near to impossible.

But as investors, we like to hear the opinions from the so call “ Gurus “ and willing to spend and fork out thousands of dollars just to listen to them on how the market/sectors will be doing in coming months or quarters, I am sure some will even giving out stocks tips for counters which will “ fly “ from the reading of their “crystal ball”.

The Bull Market is just getting started !! Don’t Miss Out !!

My friend, LP from ( BULLy the BEAR ) has just written an excellent post on his blog ( here ) reminding us of some sad story during the last BULL market in 2007 which also serve as a reminder to us in the current market environment that “Gurus “ appeared might be due to “ rising tide “. Investors need to "DYODD" prior to investing in any of investment that would promise you to have a double-digit return in very short time and some might have “fancy or smartest ideas “ to associate within these investment program.

Of course you can pick up a few nuggets of wisdom from some of these finance gurus in regards to “philosophy of value investing and methodologies of analyzing a company”. That doesn’t mean you need to follow all of their advice completely and blindly to the letter. Remember to follow finance basics and formulate your own plan. Everyone’s financial situation is different, and you should always take financial advice with a pinch of salt

STE’s Photo sharing

While traders or speculators are busy doing their trading and searching for next multi-baggers, I am also busy chasing and catching the “Pokemon “ with Mrs STE running around different parks in Singapore.

Since we are going for a morning walk after sending my daughter to school, this game act as motivation to walk longer at different parks and also have the chance to make more friends during the “gym fighting”. We have met up with many retirees during the game and I think it is good that it encourage them to walk around and do more exercise while hunting for the “pokemon”.

Here are some photos were taken during our “pokemon “ hunting. Could you recognize where were these photos taken?

Cheers !!


  1. Hi Sim

    Whats that hypothetical portfolio? Is it to track how much the portfolio has moved from last year to this year?

    1. Hi B,
      Yes,,, it just a figure to gauge the performance as compare to STI index,,, also, it's a simple average and not as cap weighted average for STI,,,
      Cheers ! :-)


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