2nd Qtr 2017 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

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The last company in my holding “ Accordia Golf Trust “ announced the result and dividend on 25th May while I was still busy catching “Pokemon “. Is time to calculate and tabulate my dividend & interest income to be received in coming months for 2nd Qtr 2017 .

Total Dividend & Interest Income for 2nd Qtr 2017 = $62,964.11

** Total amount receive still about $972 lower than last year (same period ) due to lower dividend from Accordia Golf Trust which reduced by - $1940.4  ( DPU 4.31 cts in 2nd Qtr 2016 vs 3.59 cts in 2017 ).
*** Most of the REITs and Blue Chips also declaring lower dividends in view of challenging business environment, especially the Oil & Gas sectors and Telco.
**** Increasing my holding in corporate bond from the cash received, resulting in an increase of interest income from $465 in 2nd Qtr 2016 to $5102.67 in 2nd Qtr 2017.

The dividend & Interest income for the next 3 months will be lower as expected since most of the blue chips have declared the dividend in 2nd Qtr. I hope to get the same amount of dividend as last year although with decreasing trend of dividend pay-out from REITs and Blue Chips but hope it could be offset by my cash re-invested into short term corporate bond.

2nd Qtr 2017 Dividend & Interest Income in detail :

Portfolio Update as of 28 May 2017

I have been trying to diversify more of my portfolio away from holding too much of REITs and Business Trust ( You may find it in my blogs about this here and here ).

I may continue to do the re-balancing of my portfolio from time to time like using the cash from the privatization of ARA Asset Management and reducing my holding in K-Reit to buy some other counters like Comfort DelGro and Thai Bev, but my overall direction with be increasing my cash & short term bond holdings to around 25%.

5 IN 4 OUT in my portfolio since my last update in early Jan 2017.
Among the “Out “, ARA was due to privatization and Sabana Reit was my “speculative trading “ base on the special situation as I blog about it here , here .

As for Religare H Trust, I decided to let go this counter after receiving the money as part of Return of Capital from the divestment of part of their asset.

For UMS, I have to admit that I have made a wrong judgement on this and didn’t expect it to “fly “ to such a high level. But never regret what you have sold, I am really happy with XIRR of around 24% in my two years of investment.

Trading record of UMS :

As usual, I will not touch on the “IN “ stocks which I bought since early 2017 as we know that that “ There is only one reason to buy stock ( which is to make a profit ) and a myriad of reason to sell a stock “. Also, please take note that this is not a call to buy or sell stocks which I have mentioned here, as a disclaimer, please DYODD.  I am still sitting with double-digit % of loss in my previous investment in Telcos.

As quoted before :

"One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute." - William Feather.

Are We In Stock Market Bubble?

The US stock market is in the midst of an eight-year bull run and many market analyst and economist are predicting market bubble in view of high valuation base on historical data.

We know that no bull market will last forever, but how do you know if there is a dangerous bubble brewing? Even if it seems like stocks are overvalued, it’s tricky to identify when they’re so out of whack that a crash is imminent.

As renown economist and Noble Laureate in Economics, Robert Shiller frequently called for market’s overvalued base on the indicator created by him i.e CAPE ratio ( Cyclical Adjusted PE ). But recently it seems that he has changed his stance at least for Tech stock.

Yale Nobel Prize Winner Robert Shiller Thinks Tech Stocks Are Cheap ( here )

“ In another a rare expression of bullishness from Shiller, he told CNBC (Link here) this week that stocks "could go up 50% from here."

Even experts and market analyst is so divided in calling a “market top “ and identifying “market bubble “  not to mention us as “retail investors “.

Base on current vs historical PE and P/B ratio, STI seems not in a bubble yet. But what is your take on it? But bear in mind that When the US sneezes, the world catches a cold”, world stocks market might be affected once US market is facing problem as the financial market are so complex and interconnected nowadays.

Cheers !!

Quote Of The Day

Portfolio re-balancing sounds boring, but it's a powerful investment strategy , it is the constant portfolio monitoring that restores asset classes to their target allocations by selling assets that have appreciated and adding to those that have declined — is at its core a risk-minimizing strategy. It's not meant to increase returns from CNBC


  1. Wow STE, man ! your 1Q dividend is equivalent to my annual total dividends ... May I know how much % do you invest of your total investible asset ?

    How well do you SLEEP ? :)

    1. Hi Cory,
      I am sure you will have that amount of dividend in near future ,,accumulating slowly n steady,,,it took us more than 18 years of investing to get to that level,, plus frugal lifestyle,,of course,, :-)
      Haha,,, I could sleep well even with around 85% invested ( 69% if included CPF balance ),,,
      As mentioned I my blog post,,, I am trying to increase my cash n short term bond holding to 25% from now onwards,,,, is getting difficult to find deep discount or value stocks with current market valuation...
      Cheers !! :-D

  2. Hi STE, nice portfolio

    i really liked how you managed your trading record, just to check if I am able to get a copy from you? Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Jawnzy,
      Thanks for the comment, in fact , I am using excel to update all my trading record and dividends,, which is quite manual :-)
      If you want, I could forward you those file format ,,,, 1 for portfolio summary, 1 for trade record and another one for dividend summary,,, once I want do the analysis of my trade,, I just filter out the counter and combine it into one to see the total return n XIRR ..
      Hope this clarify,,
      Cheers :-)

  3. Hi STE,

    I used to own this too. But got out at a loss when I realize the high dividends is due to the postphoning of capex at Yantian.

    I think with Yantian over, this is the "more real" yield. Had not been following this for a while. That the port concessions only 30 years also a bit sianz for me.

    Industrial estates also 30 years but reit has many of them, and some of up to 60 years, easier to play around with without waiting for D day of renewal of lease, unlike HPH.

    I dun pAs

    1. Hi SI,
      Yes , the 30 years port concessions is slsi a big challenge and uncertainty facing by HPH..as yoy said, it may not be as simple as land lease renewal. ..hope investors whi hv vested in this counter realize this potential risk as well. ..not just lookibg looking at yield..
      Thank for bringing up thid..
      Cheers. .:-)


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