Portfolio Update as of Jan 2017

"One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute." - William Feather.

This is my first blog post in 2017 and would like to update my portfolio & holding.  I will try not to justify my buy and sell here as above quoted, every sell and buy have their own story or narrative and justification behind that and the most important thing is  “ both think they are astute! “

Sometimes, I noticed that investors would blame the stocks they sold at lost or “ curse and swear “ that they will not own that particular stocks again...

One needs to remember that the stocks do not know you own them and management doesn’t care about who is owing the share in the company they manage and only a small group of management really care about “shareholders value “. We also need to take note that not every trade will make money, sometimes we win sometime we lost, same for investment advice, some are good and some “ try to take advantage of you “.

We have to be responsible for all our trades and profit or loss, not your brokers, not the one giving you the “tips”  and definitely not the blogger you follow or the so-called “guru “ who gave you the advice or investment strategies .

/// Quote ///
The Bottom Line

Ideally, all investors should get involved in the money management process. Given the conflicts of interest inherent in the investment industry, as well as the rampant mismanagement and scandals, the more you know and do yourself, the better. 

This knowledge should be converted into a sensible degree of active participation. Doing too much is excessively onerous and can interfere with good management, but leaving things totally to brokers and firms can be dangerous too. “

/// Unquote ///

My “Rojak & Kia-su Portfolio” ( last updated Aug 2016 )

*** Conglomerate : ( Keppel Corp / Semb Corp Ind/ ST Eng )


Sim Lian: due to Privatization, some of the blue chips been disposed of right after US Presidency Election ( as I have blogged about it here ). I hope to accumulate these blue-chips back again into my portfolio if I have a chance and at the right price of course. 

I know that BHG Retail Reit have some kind of income support via “financial engineering “ ….credit goes to Kyith from InvestmentMoat (here ). Also, I am adding SIN Tel and increasing my exposure in Telco, since the sector been beaten down quite a lot recently due to 4th Telco is entering the market soon . ( Again, I might be wrong on this !! )

Wow ! Buying Sabana Reit !! are you crazy? Yes, I ever bought Sabana Reit at $1.335 on 13th May 2013 …   I will try to explain more about the whole transaction for Sabana and some other accounts which I have disposed of e.g. Sembcorp Marine, OUE-HT in my next post and of course how much I have lost.

Disclaimer: Please read the disclaimer at below carefully !! also, please take note that this is not the call to buy Sabana Reit ( and all others stocks which been mentioned here ) as this is going to be very “Risky and speculative trade “.

Stay tuned, Cheers !!

Quote Of The Day "

“A stock that has fallen from 30 to 10 is considered riskier than a stock that has fallen from 12 to 10 in the same period. It might be. But it could be that most of the stock’s downside risk has been eliminated by the huge price drop. The truth is you can’t really tell much of anything just from measuring a stock’s past price movements.” By Joel Greenblatt


  1. Hi STE

    Good to see your holdings :)

    May i ask your decision to.divest HKLand? I recall based on your mean to reversion this one still quite undervalued by some means.

    1. Hi B,
      Yah ! My initial thoughts of buying HKG Land is to keep it for long till mean reverting...but i sold it together with some others Blue chips ( DBS , UOL, GLP, Singpost) right after the US Presidential election...panic selling..remember i hv blog about it ..though witb small profit...i hope to buy back all these stocks when opportunities rise again..

  2. STE,

    一条龙 holdings masquerading as "diversification"; its actually a very "concentrated" portfolio ;)

    Now that's conviction!

    1. Hu SMOL,
      Yup!! You are right ...looks many stocks..but vert concentrate on REITs and Business Trust....plus Telco n two falling blue chips..ie Keppel n Sembcorp.. :-(

  3. Hi,

    Can you share what is your assets made up at this moment? How many % is in cash, stocks, property?


    1. Hi K,
      I am on 66% Equity , 24% ( CPF-aka AAA Long term bond ) , 10% ( Cash/FD/Short term Bond ).
      I treat CPF money as AAA Long term bond as we only can touch it at 55 years old.. :-)
      Cheers !!

    2. No property? I suppose you exclude your home.

    3. Hi K ,
      Yes , I exclude the home I stay ( a HDB unit ) ...I don't invest in property other than the one I stay ... :-) hope this clarify.
      For me , share / stocks is much more liquid ,,, I ever own one in JB /Malaysia in 1980s ... but sold at huge lost after the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis ... :-(
      Cheers !!

  4. Hi STE,

    Thanks for sharing your updated portfolio and may you continue to have a huat huat year in 2017 and beyond. Looking forward to your next insights sharing..



    1. Hi Richard !
      Thanks , you too, may you to have a prosperous and triple " huat" year in 2017!!👍👍😀😀

  5. my portfolio is also focus on Reits as strategy is to generate passive income. Happy to collect $18k dividends for 2016. I also treated CPF as one of the retirement taps. May i what is the dividends from Reits and stocks for 2016?

  6. Hi Investminds ,
    Thanks for the comments , glad to know that you have good passive income of $18K in 2016 !! My TTL dividend income + some short term Bond Interest is around $190K in 2017 ...but i think the amount will be much lower since most of the REITs and blue chips are cutting back or reducing their pay out ..
    Cheers !! Let's hope for the best !! and wishing you to have prosperous & triple Huat 2017 ... higher dividend from stocks !! :-)

    1. Thank you Bro STE. solid returns of $190K dividends. You're my aspiration. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and family a prosperous Chinese New year. Huat ah.

    2. Hi Bro Investminds,
      Glad to know that you find my blog useful..i am sure you will be able to achieve same level of dividend as mine in future as your dividend increase year by year...

  7. "One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute." - William Feather."
    LOL STE! Where do you get these sound bites from?
    Very true! The markets are a funny place...
    Nice portfolio, thanks for sharing.
    Did you divest CDW Holdings? You mentioned that you have a tiny stake on my blog comments, but I don't see it in the list above.
    (Was hoping to see Dutech in your list... hahaha)


    1. Hi TTI,
      Considering Dutech seriously :-) ... I will write down all the "quotes " I like from books or articles I read ..in a small "note book" ,,I think the wisdom from all the 'super-investors ' is worth to read and reread and always remind ourself on the message they try to give ..
      Yah ,, I have disposed of the CDW on 23/Nov/2016 ,,, the day of US Presidential Election where I sold my DBS as well ...where I have blog about this separately.
      I am doing some analysis on the trade of accounts which I have exit recently ...
      Cheers !!


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