Dow 20,000 !!

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This has become the headline news for major financial newspapers or webs, DOW Index finally broke through the psychological level of resistance of 20,000.

 As for me, although it’s a milestone it just a “figure” without looking into the fundamental or valuation of the market.

You may find below news interesting to read :

From CNBC: Dow 20,000: Its insignificance may rival its importance (click )

From The New York Times: The Dow Hit 20,000. Now What? ( Click )

From CNN/ Money : Boom: Dow hits 20,000 for the first time ever (click )

From Bloomberg : Does Dow 20,000 Mean It's Time to Get Out? ( click )


But one of the articles caught my attention as they described the numbers of days it took for Dow to climb from a thousand to another thousand levels.

Dow clambers above 20,000 — marks 2nd-fastest run to a milestone in history ( Click here for full story)

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Did you spot the problem with these figures?

As I mentioned before in my blog post about: "Lies, damned lies, statistics ! “(click ), we need to interpret and analyse any figure given or presented to us in order to discover more about it. Remember to take all the "facts or statement " given with "a grain of salt".

Anyway, while everyone seems happy with DOW close above 20,000, let’s celebrate our Lunar New Year and may this New Year bring you Good luck, Prosperity, Joy and Contentment. “

Cheers !! 恭喜发财 !!

Quote Of The Day :

"People invariably feel better after the market gains 600 points and stocks are overvalued, and worse after it drops 600 points and the bargains abound." by Peter Lynch


  1. Not sure . Is it the bottom row ..To gain 1000 to reach 1000 take 21652 or
    It's talking about absolute but we should be concerned about percentage rise ?

    1. Hi SGDividens,
      Yes! You are right about absolute value not about the points...1000 increase when index at 1000 level,we are talking about 100% increase in market cap...while from 19000 to 20000, market need to increase the value by slightly more than 5%... :-)
      Cheers !

  2. Hi SGDividends & STE,

    Not only that, before we even look at the % changes, we have to adjust all the figures for inflation.
    Obviously in an environment of high inflation, the increase would be much more rapid than if it's an environment of deflation.
    So all "real" changes, both on the gain or loss side, have to be adjusted for the inflation during the said periods under review.


    1. Hi TTI,
      Welcome back from your holiday!! I still trying to figure out where is the place of the photo you have posted in your blog post 😀😀. Yah! You are right ...we will need to adjust for inflation on these figures as well... $1 20 years ago may not same as today’s NPV..👍👍
      Cheers!! Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous CNY!

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