From Swiss Alps to Dubai Desert Safari ( STE Photos sharing )

Noticed that many friends and financial bloggers have been busy updating their portfolio’s performance recently, some are happy with outstanding & flying colours result which out-performed the market and some with lagging achievement.

But one needs to take note that measuring performance is only meaningful in the long run and not by just a few quarters or years of investment and also the performance is to judge our ability to pick right stocks, not to compare with others.

I shall update my portfolio’s change and performance in Jan 2017 and today’s blog post is just to share some photos I have taken during recent trips to Switzerland ( part of Italy and France ) and Dubai.

The journey started in Milan with seeing the majestic Sforza Castle and Gothic Millan Cathedral ..follow by Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II ( one of the oldest indoor shopping mall in those days ).
After 1 day stayed at beautiful Lucerne Lakeside hotel, heading to Mt. Titlis via the “ Rotair “ revolving cable car where one will be able to enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view of steep rock faces, deep crevasses and distant snow-covered mountain peaks.  Visiting Zermatt, an old, idyllic village nestled in a deep valley enclosed between steeply scarped mountains and situated right at the foot of Mt. Matterhorn.

Proceed to Jungfrau ( Top of Europe ) by taking the scenic train up to the mountain … enjoying the sky-walk out there at the peak of the mountain. ……  our trip ends with a different experience from Swiss Alps, an Desert Safari at Dubai.

At this time of holiday season, let’s forget about “ Santa Claus rally “ or “ January Effect “, events which may or may not happen … we should spend most of our time with families and loved one instead of thinking about how these events may affect the market.

Concept explained : Calendar Effect (on the stock market ) by Investopedia 

DEFINITION of 'Calendar Effect'

A collection of assorted theories that assert that certain days, months or times of year are subject to above-average price changes in market indexes and can, therefore, represent good or bad times to invest. Some theories that fall under the calendar effect include the Monday effect, the October effect, the Halloween effect and the January effect.

BREAKING DOWN 'Calendar Effect'

Most of the evidence for these effects are anecdotal, although there is a slight statistical case to be made for some of them, which is more than enough to encourage some investors to place their faith in them.

Proponents of the October effect, one of the most popular theories, argue that October is when some of the greatest crashes in stock market history, including 1929's Black Tuesday and Thursday and the 1987 stock market crash, occurred. While statistical evidence doesn't support the phenomenon that stocks trade lower in October, the psychological expectations of the October effect still exist.

Read more: 
Calendar Effect Definition | here

Wising all “Merry Christmas “ ( belated ) and A very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2017 !!
Hope all will have outstanding performance in 2017 !!

Cheers !!   J

Quote Of The Day :

OCTOBER is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The other are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August, and February. By Mark Twain


  1. Welcome back STE!

    I can identify with many of your pics, seems like I followed a similar path in Switzerland, except mine is probably more extensive as I was stranded in Switzerland some years back when an Icelandic volcano erupted and the ash cloud caused all flights to cease. Yep, went up to Jungfrau too. Did you bother to ascend Matterhorn? Oh and the old chapel bridge, that's probably my favorite place in Switzerland, esp at night. Simply rustic and beautiful.

    Havent been to Dubai though, and your desert pics piqued my interest. Can I ask what specifically is done during the "desert safari"?
    Aside from sand dunes, which I assume is part of the itinerary.
    I've never considered Dubai despite transiting there a few times, cos the feedback and impression I got is that there isn't much to do there that's different from Singapore (Aside from the desert of course)

    1. Hi TTI ,
      Yah , as you mentioned , Swiss is " simply rustic and beautiful " from every angle ,,, Dubai also not in my list of place to visit as well , but since we are taking Emirate Air ,, there is two days compliment stay at Dubai from the airline .. so we just follow and see -see look-look .. :)
      Of course other than sands & sand dunes , we also experienced the " camel ride " and enjoying the "authentic arabian cuisine " in the middle of desert ..taking the ride on the jeep roaming through the desert also another kind of experience ,, the driver have to deflate the tyre before entering the desert ( somtehing new to me ).. :)
      Of course visiting the observation towel at " Burj Khalifa " is another agenda you could explore ...Dubai Mall is another shopping mall same as the malls at Singapore ...nothing different ...
      Cheers !! :)

  2. STE, you work for NatGeo?
    great pics! can use as postcards!

    yea, DXB is like SGP, just more sand, and more gas-guzzling SUVs plying the roads.
    was going to say, fake-skiing in Mall of Emirates.but since u already went to the Alps, to do the authentic skiing.
    also the Dubai Mall has this aquarium, similar to our Underwater world. its not too bad.

    1. Hi foolish chameleon,
      Thanks for the comments! Natgeo? Can't really compare leh...i am just an amateur photographer..using mg digital camera to take all these photos.. :-)
      Yah ! Was thinking to go into the aquarium at Dubai Mall ..but since we went up to Burj Khalifa..didn't hv much time ...
      Yah fact nothing much we can do in Dubai ..all very artificial...and man made..

  3. Hi Desert Safari Dubai,
    Thanks for the comments and additional info ,, yah ! we really enjoy the Desert safari and camel ride ... and of course the authentic dinner at the desert !!
    Cheers !!

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