A Quick Update On My Portfolio : 21 Mar 2021


One of the reader PM me about the remaining 20% of my portfolio which I didn’t highlight or put up in my previous update on Dividend & Portfolio Update :1st Qtr 2021 ( here ) because I think those are quite small positions with just 20% of total value in another 30 stocks.

In this quick update, I will just attach the chart of my total holding plus small change in my portfolio composition.

I have added another Tech /growth stock in my portfolio – JD.com, another giant E-commerce ++ other than Alibaba, after seeing the stock dropped by around -29% from the ATH (all time high) achieved in Feb 2021. Since I have both giant China E-commerce company (with combine market share of more than 70% ) , okie, either one success , I am also happy. But why not PDD – Pinduoduo Inc.  (which dropped more than -43%) and with the remaining 7.5% market share. Of course, we know that PDD’s growth story is more promising where its’ active user had surpassed Alibaba recently but both (vs Alibaba or JD.com) are totally different “animal” and serving the different market, where PDD still burning cash and extremely competitive & thin margin on products offering to 3rd and 4th tier cities. Also, Baba & JD.com are more diversified with other business like (Healthcare/ Fintech /Clouds services ).. although JD’s cloud business still small in terms of revenue and profitability but it’s Logistic/ Digits / Healthcare business are quite promising and cash generating.

Well, tech/growth stocks still quite small in my portfolio and I am a newbie and still learning on how to invest in these tech companies. Please feel free to share and enlighten me if you have any comments (thanks a lot). Also, with increasing “inflation expectation” and long tern interest rate, tech / growth stocks may continue to face downward pressure from time to time, remembered some tech stocks dropped more than -70% during the dot.com bubble burst and some never recover thereafter. Position sizing and pace of buying play a key role in any investing.

Of course, dividend stocks like Banks/REITs / Property / Conglomerate still the key and main stocks in my portfolio, I am using my dividend to slowly accumulate some of the Tech stocks and ETF (3067), hope I am not too late to the party.


Best Way to Invest Money: Value Investing vs Growth Investing <source: The Motley Fool.com>

                                                         < Video credit to The Motley Fool.com>

 Cheers !!  :D





                 Top 30 ( 71%)

                        31-60 ( 21%)


  1. Dot com happened because those companies cannot even grow their sales and having poor cash balance; hence speculation was taking place. Even those companies which grew their earning wise were having poor earning yield whereas bond yield was trading at 6% back then.

    Now those companies were growing their sales, having strong cash balance and strong earning yield whereas bond yield is at 1.6% at the moment. Tech in these days is different from back then. I think at the most sharp correction will take place but not dot com effect definitely.

    1. Hi Akromaking,
      Thanks for the comments, yes, as you pointed out, some of the companies/ (big cap giant) tech stocks are having much different situation as compared to period during dot.com bubble where some are having good profitability and cash flow. But there are still many companies like start-ups ( without profit and cash flow or with 1000+ PE) which is quite speculative. One will need to be careful in investing in these companies, of course , high risk=high returns, investors will ready need to control their risk if wanted to invest in such companies.
      Cheers !! :D

  2. What about Hang Seng ETF?

  3. Hi Dave,
    Yes, if you want a more balance approach among Tech and Value, this could be a good ETF as it also moving towards more balance with including of more tech stocks into it, with top 3 market cap stock are tech stocks now ( Tencent/Alibaba and Meituan) , with Baidu /Bilibili/ PDD coming back for secondary listing ,I think more and more Tech stocks will be included into HSI eventually , which is good as HSI used to be very "Property / Banks and Conglomerate " weighted.
    Cheers !! :D

  4. Hi Sim

    Can be a good long term investment horizon for the next generation to own as well to complement the traditional banks and reits.

    1. Hi B,
      Thanks for the comments, yes , indeed , it can act like "barbell strategy" with tech and value on each side to complement each others.
      Cheers ! :D


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