Keep Calm & Keep Walking (Waiting ) ….. ( Photos Sharing )

The stock market remains volatile and STI moving up and down with range-bound between 2450-2550. With US Presidential Election and the pending stimulus package from the US government & congress, the market just moving up and down by following this news day by day, for me, it is just like watching “Korean Drama” with popcorn ready.

Regardless of who is being elected as next US President, the market will still need to be backed to basic in line with economic performance and recovery from this pandemic. I am sure there will be a “ stimulus package” ready to support this “fragile and zombie” US economy eventually, to keep it “afloat” while waiting for “vaccine” and life to go back to normal.

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Here’s How The Stock Market Has Performed Before, During, And After Presidential Elections <>



Stock-market volatility can surge by 20% in the 2 weeks prior to Election Day—but don’t act rash <>



So, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, the current stock market environment is just a waiting game :


A "Waiting" Game <source: stestocksinvesting>


I don’t have many changes in my portfolio recently, except adding some into my current positions and a new counter  ( GSK – GlaxoSmithKline Plc), my first stock in the healthcare industry.


Nobody knows when the economy will recover and the pandemic will be over, but life goes on and make sure we have enough emergency fund if anything happens to our job as the economy will continue to be very “challenging and tough “ for a foreseeable future.

Inflation May Rear Its Ugly Head Again


With trillions of dollars being printed by world central banks, no doubt we will see higher inflation in future due to this massive money supply. Most people understand that inflation increases the price of their groceries and decrease the value of the money we have in our wallet or banks. You may also notice that the price list of the food in our hawker centre suddenly change and $50 can only buy lesser groceries from the supermarket.

Although it looks more volatile, stock market investment has historically performed well during high inflation, benefiting from the earning of companies usually rising along with the battle to beat inflation, especially when returns being reinvested and let compound take effect. Hence, it will be unwise to have 100% in cash and waiting for crash or better time to enter the market.


Of course, it is also not a good idea to move 100% into “Gold “ as to hedge against inflation, maybe a more diversified portfolio will be better like putting certain % of your money into equity, bonds, commodities, real estate or alternative assets, depending on your risk profile and tolerance.


The Truth About Warren Buffett’s Investment In Gold <>



Some sectors may have benefited from a higher inflation environment but please do your due diligence as some investment product listed in the article below (e.g CryptoCurrency and Investment-Grade Art) may not be suitable for you based on your risk tolerance.


8 Investments to Protect Against a Post-COVID-19 Inflation Spike <>



Lifestyle Inflation: Another Type Of Inflation


"Lifestyle inflation is when you increase your spending as your income goes up.

By itself, a little bit of lifestyle inflation is not a problem if we know and control our expenses well, but it becomes one when you increase your spending too fast relative to your income (excessive lifestyle inflation). It makes saving for retirement, repaying housing loans or building an emergency fund much more difficult or may end up in high debts eventually.

Because of lifestyle inflation ( caused by F.O.M.O or W.O.L.O ), you may be living paycheck-to-paycheck even if you earn more than $20,000 per month. Finding ways to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle is vital to long-term financial health. Increasing family income is obvious—though not necessarily a possible quick solution, especially in such difficult times. Reducing expenses and eliminating debt is more important and effective as our ultimate goal for long term financial planning."


Why high-income earners still struggle to build wealth <>


“Like doctors, business executives live and operate within a culture that’s driven by high incomes. Promotions and additional levels of responsibility in business bring with it an expectation of success.

And more specifically, looking successful.


But, it takes a tremendous amount of discipline to curb our spending when the money is right there. Wearing expensive suits and driving nice cars make us appear successful. And, sometimes we buy these high-priced cars simply to paint a carefully-manicured picture of what we want society to believe. Believe about us. For many, looking successful is an implied requirement for being successful.”


“When we’re making great money, we’re conned into believing that it’ll never end. Just look at former NBA star Allen Iverson who went bankrupt after raking in $150 million over his basketball career.

Unfortunately, my income was supporting my spending, but I wasn’t getting more wealthy. I was quickly becoming a member of the pseudo-affluent society that shows wealth, but don’t actually have wealth.”


The dangers of lifestyle inflation — and how to avoid it<>

 The True Cost Of Lifestyle Inflation <>



OK, enough talks about inflation, I know everyone is worried about our incomes/jobs or value of your investment portfolio. To survive in any crisis, we must always prepare for a rainy day and live below your means, don't overstretch your debts ( especially housing or property mortgage ).

Life goes on and makes sure you keep a healthy lifestyle during this Covid-19 pandemic, drink more water and doing more exercise regularly.


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy !!


Cheers !!




P.S: Would like to share some photos taken during our visit to Labrador Nature Reserve recently (follow by brunch at Pasir Panjang Food Centre – at the famous Hainanese herbal mutton soup) and other photos which  were taken during the lockdown period.

<Labrador Nature Reserve>

<Photos which were taken during lockdown period>


  1. beautiful pictures. May I know where is venue for picture 27? thank you so much!

    1. Hi ValueHunter,
      Fyi.. the photo was taken at "Punggol Park- Hougang Ave 10

  2. wa how come u can make a bunch of residential buildings look so nice...

    1. Hi TTI,
      Hahaha. . thanks for the comment , just need to "keep walking" and look around on things surrounding us, we may find the "surprise " from time to time... juts need a little bit of attention .. cheers !! :D

  3. Hi
    Nice to hear from you and very timely
    I added GSK as well over these four months. although falling progressively, intend to add more at around 13/13.50£
    I have held GSK in my portfolio for 8 plus years since my UK days
    Also opened positions in US pharma majors during March- May period
    Healthcare and major pharma is unexciting but hopefully acts as stabilizers to dividend investors like me

    1. Hi Garudadri,
      Yah, pharma stocks are more on value and dividend play but providing good cash flow , I think this sector will continue to perform well as compared to Oil Majors , more secure FCF ... Yes, GSK been lagging behind all others major pharma's in term of Covid-19 vaccine development as it reflects in it's stock price vs J&J , Pfizer or even Sanofi...
      Hope it would catch up and successfully develop the vaccine.
      It's 3rd Qtr result will be announced later tonight, let's see how it perform and hope can maintain their dividend ... :D
      Cheers !!


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