Monetary Authority of S’pore issues bitcoin warning

After warning issued from China, India, Malaysia, Thailand Central bankers, many monetary regulatory seems to follow suit and came forward to warn the RISK of investing in it may turn out to become a "systematic risk" which really can create "chaos and havoc " to the financial market/system if it continues to grow at "exponential " rate before it collapses. This could be seen from the total market cap for Bit-coin which is around USD290 BIL ( at the supply of close to 16 mils) , can you imagine if the total supply achieves the full amount of 21 MIL, and if the price hit USD50,000, what will be the total market cap of Bit-coin?

As mentioned, in most of the case people may just ignore the warning from these regulations and the huge RETURN expected has outweighed the RISK they perceived.

I am sure the market cap of Bit-coin may surpass the GDP of Singapore soon !! Hurray !!

Cheers !!

PS:  My previous blog post about Bit-coin (here ) and ( here )

Global regulators warn of a risky bubble in bitcoin as Singapore’s central bank urges ‘extreme caution’ ( Link here )


  1. So far I read from blogs, nobody will be seriously burnt. Bet small small. No tulip mania yet, sold house to buy tulips.

    1. Hi Uncle CW8888,
      Yah , bet small just for fun and for the $$ we can afford to loss is still OK "小赌怡情",
      Yup..the party may continue for longer period of time what Keynes said “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” , same for some speculative items..
      Cheers !! :)

  2. it is too risky as there is no fundamentals for bit-coins. A bubble is forming and it is a matter of time bubble will burst and many investors will get burnt. I rather go for proven dividend stocks with good yield. happy new year STE.

    1. Hi Investminds ,

      Thanks for the comment , Yes , the Crypto is really highly speculative investment (??) , one will definitely need to DYODD if they choose to invest ...
      Cheers !!


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