AGM ( Annual General Meeting ): "Food" For Thought!!

While looking at the piling up of “Annual Reports “ be it in the form of CD-R or book" , we know that company’s AGM is just around the corner. As stocks investors , you will have same experience as these annual report keep coming in to your mail box during this time.

Company are required by law to hold a general meeting of its shareholders each year (the Annual General Meeting - "AGM"). If an important matter requiring shareholder approval cannot wait until the next AGM, the company will call an Extraordinary General Meeting ("EGM").

There was an article from The Business Time on “Bunching up of AGMs in April getting worse” that many company still choose to hold their meeting in April and in particular the last few days of the month. ( you may read the full report here )

As an ordinary shareholder you are entitled to attend, speak and vote at general meetings of the company and of course enjoy the food or beverage provided after the meeting. Some company may opt for giving out the shopping voucher as token of appreciation for shareholders to attend these meeting. Nevertheless , this must not be the main reason for any shareholders to attend the AGM.

This is an important article to remind us that why AGM is not just about food and how the logistic part could turn out to be a nightmare if you have thousands of shareholders attending the meeting with “food “ as their purpose “New 'normal' at AGMs provides food for thought “ ( here ) .

 But we can not rule out that many of them are serious and genuine shareholders who even took leave to attend the meeting and hope to get the first hand information about the future prospect of the company.

Keppel Corp AGM 2016 :

These are two very good links on why it is important for shareholders to attend the AGM and asking questions with regards to company’s performance and future prospect.

Why AGMs, EGMs Are Important ( from : here )

Three Questions to Ask in an Annual General Meeting ( from : here )

Sometimes, AGM could turn out to be an emotional one especially if the company are not doing well financially. You may noticed many “tough “ or sometime "irrational" questions being asked when investors moods are different, at least this is my experience ( A Tale of Two AGMs : here )

How about you ? mind to share your experience in attending any company’s AGM for stocks you have invested.

Cheers !!

"People invest with their emotions. They process information differently.

Prices fluctuate more than values—so therein lies opportunity. "

by Joel Greenblatt


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