Photos Taking vs Investing ( STE Photos sharing )

I like to take photos though I am not a professional photographer but what to do with Photos taking and investing? Is there any similarity between these two?

Patient!  Yes, both required patience to have a good or better result. To snap a good photo, one needs to be patient. 

Sometime, to take a perfect photo, I will need to be there for 4-5 hours just to  wait for good timing in order to have  the best scenery . In a few occasions, I have to go there a few times if the weather was not in good condition or raining. Same apply to investing, we will need the “patient “ to see the result and of course, “right timing “ plus some  “luck “.

Also,  some of my “nice photos “ were taken on the bus or train during my holidays, for me, it seems like the opportunities of investing may just appear suddenly and one needs to seize the opportunities quick and fast.  Investing requires quick action and courage (of course with thorough analysis with FA or TA), especially during crisis time when everyone is fearful. (remember what Warren Buffett say..)

 Allow me to share some of my photos taken during holidays or in Singapore :


  1. STE,

    Welcome to the community!

    Finally got your own blog after spinning off from AK's blog ;)

    Good, good.

    We share quite a few common outlooks and interests:

    1. Got Cheena; got England. Bagus!

    2. No stock specifics; just investment philosophy (投资心得). Same!

    3. Likes taking pictures! I come 讨教武艺 ;)

    Welcome and have fun!

    1. Haha ! 闲得无聊,学人做博客,thanks for dropping by , mari mari , let's learn together on photos taking ! I'm just " amature " same as "investing " ,,, keep learning ..:)


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